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Hustle Stage – Quick Wins with COM episode 25

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about hustle stage to get clients.
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Video Transcription

R Toutounji: Welcome back to Quick Wins with Com. I’m Richard Toutounji, the CEO of Complete Online Market. We help businesses really innovate in the new age of online marketing. We come across a lot of businesses and a lot of traditional businesses that need to switch things up. The first bit of advice I like to give anybody is to try and test the marketplace first. What do I mean by test the marketplace? I call it like the Hustle to Get Clients stage.

Let’s say for example you want to create a new product, a new business, a new service. Instead of going and spending a lot of money in marketing and advertising, setting up really expensive websites. You want to sort of do a beta test; that means that you want to test the market when you’re on the ground, instead of behind a computer or behind a retail store, or driving a plumbing truck.

Whatever business it is, you need to firstly figure out does it have legs? Will it sustain a marketplace long term? Is it something that you’re passionate about? Do you think you want to invest the time, the resources, and the money to actually get this product or service off the ground? There’s a lot of dreams, there’s a lot of products, there’s a lot of businesses out there.

Then what I say is, instead of going and spending that time, spending that money, all you want to do is go call on the low hanging fruit. Go talk to your old clients. Go talk to the clients you haven’t seen in ages. I believe there’s always people that want your services. If they don’t, they’re going to tell you really fast. The way you can sort of figure out if it’s the right business for you or if it’s the right product or service for you, it’s got to resonate with people. I think we can’t forget that people are purchasing our products or services. You need to ask them. You need to sell to them personally. Don’t get your sales guy to sell, don’t outsource this job. The first 10, 15, 20 clients see if it works. Create the system, create the strategy.

Then if it works, take that then build it. Then build your website. Then hire your marketing people. Then hire your sales guy. Then start building the assets that go along with that. That’s really important too; don’t get me wrong, but initially get your hands dirty, get on the ground, do the work, see if you get the results. Don’t make things perfect, just get it going. Thanks so much, I’ll see you next time.

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