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Marketing Essentials

Start With The Foundations

Marketing Essentials is our foundation course that teaches you how to discover your uniqueness as a studio and use that to market your business. Imagine never having to worry about the competition again, because you are leading from a place of power – your uniqueness in the marketplace – that is what we will discover with the Marketing Essentials course.

We’ll dive deep into what makes you unique, who your avatar is and where to find them, as well as developing a unique company manifesto that will attract those people to you.

Ideal for:

New Fitness Clients in 21 Days

Get Your Next 5 Fitness Clients For FREE

Start Generating More Fitness Leads Now

Trying to figure out marketing and sales on your own is hard. Maybe you’ve tried all the ways. Maybe you’ve listened to some guru online who gave you the latest strategy and it didn’t work. You get deflated,
you lose momentum.

Copy + Paste Templates & Strategies You Can Implement FAST

We’ve tested hundreds of strategies with our ninjas in our community and gathered together a few that we know work really fast, we’ve pulled together the best copy, the best scripts, and the best formulas for each – so it’s a no brainer. You just copy and paste.

We learned the roadblocks that stop these strategies from working

And then we designed a community challenge for fitness business owners to help them execute these strategies in just 21 days.

How it works:

PT Growth Accelerator Program

Double your business, halve your hours, earn more profit.

You’ve been seeing steady growth in your PT business. Clients are coming in, you haven’t really had to do much marketing and your calendar is filling up fast. The next step seems clear -double your business and make more profit.

But doubling your fitness business can be hard. Almost too hard to bother. You’re already juggling a full load of PT clients, with your calendar getting fuller and fuller every week. On top of that, the revenue that you’re earning has now flatlined because you can’t take on any more clients. Adding new clients to your calendar only gets you so far.

The good news is that we’ve done the hard work for you. Over the past 10 years, we’ve been working with PTs to double their business and halve their hours and we’ve rolled everything we know into a brand new program called the PT Growth Accelerator. Follow our proven step-by-step approach so you can double – or even triple your fitness business without having to work more hours (in fact you’ll be working less).

CEC/CPD Approved courses

All our short courses and programs are CEC and CPD Approved. So whether you are a member of Fitness Australia or REPS NZ you can access your points at the completion of your course or program.