About Richard

Founder & CEO

Richard Toutounji

Founder & CEO

I have first hand experience creating exponential growth in my personal business. My journey so far has allowed me to create, buy and sell several successful entities. Not only have I helped grow hundreds of fitness businesses, I have grown several successful businesses in competitive markets, including:

  • Australia’s first private fitness studio
  • One of Australia’s largest and leading nationwide health and wellness companies
  • The largest personal training video directory in Australia
  • The first fitness marketing company to be named by Fitness Australia as their preferred partner for fitness professional.

My Superpower

I’m a natural problem solver and innovator. I love to identify unique opportunities other can’t see. Turning ideas into action is a skill, but turning that action into growth and prosperity is where my superpower lies. I believe that speed in shifting and pivoting your mind and business is the place where greatness manifests.

Everyone has their own unique superpower, my job is to help you quickly recognize and leverage that superpower. I can pinpoint the chink in your chain and find a solution to let your business move and grow freely.

Step 1

Identify the problem or roadblock that’s restricting your goals.

Step 2

Understand who I’m dealing with, the business, values and it’s mission.

Step 3

Establish your goals, outcomes and dreams.

Step 4

Create your unique strategy to take you from point A to point B.