Congratulations! You’re One Step Closer To Running The Most Successful Facebook Ads

Finally Take The Guesswork Out Of Running Facebook Ads

Richard Toutounji and Joey Toutounji

Step 1: Head on over to your inbox & check your email for access to the Fitness Facebook Ads Scorecard™ (be sure to check your spam & promotions folder).

Step 2: The tool is a Google Spreadsheet so you’ll need to go to File > Make a Copy to get yours to keep.

We Know You’re Here For Facebook Ads, but What if there was a way to get a tonne of leads – without paying a cent! Interested?

Join our next Fast Fitness Leads Workshop where we teach you how to create a SYSTEM that converts an endless amount of new members & clients, FOR FREE without cold calling, direct outreaching, or spending a fortune on paid advertising.

In this three-part workshop you’ll discover:

  • Create Your Lead Tap On Demand (so you can literally turn it on or off at any time)
  • Create your new member attraction system (so you attract the clients you want & not the ones you don’t)
  • Fitness Closing Made Easy Framework (literally the framework our clients use to close 80% of their leads.

Usually $197 but yours for $27 because you’re such an action taker & we know you’ll actually put in the work. Grab your seat in our next intake here.

Watch the 15 minute Crash Course For Studio Owners.