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Holistic Marketing – Quick Wins with COM Ep 01

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about holistic approach of  marketing.

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Video Transcription

Richard: Welcome back to Quick Wins with Com, I’m Richard Toutounji and today we’re talking about marketing. We’re actually talking about holistic marketing. We’re going to talk all about marketing. Now more than ever, we have to have a more holistic approach to marketing.

I don’t believe in single stream marketing much anymore. I believe that we have to be across all of them. I’ll tell you why. A couple years ago we’d go straight to Google and we know that all the searches were going through Google. Everybody was searching through Google, so obviously just be on Google. It was simple, right?

Now the problem is that everything is broken up. People spend their time in so many different places. They’re on Instagram, they’re on Facebook, they’re on Pinterest, they’re on Google, they’re on Google Plus, so what’s happened now is that when the internet first came out, it was saturated with Google. That was the place to be. Even if you’re ranked number one in the Google search, there’s at least thirty percent less searches. Why? Because everybody’s in all these different places.

That’s what I call holistic marketing. We’ve got to look at all the streams to make sure which one’s actually going to work, and then we can focus a little bit more on that one with the right approach obviously.

You can’t just put all your eggs in one basket. Even if you think you’ve got a good thing coming, I guarantee you that sooner or later that good thing will change. It’s really important to make sure that you’re not just on one form of marketing, you’re at least on three forms, then doing two really good but at least be on three. Make sure that, if you really want to push the market, is get your brand on everywhere and just keep your eyes out to where the better place is going to be. What’s new in the marketplace?

Never just focus on one source because it will not last, and you built your entire business up on this one source and all of a sudden something happens, you don’t own that platform that you’re advertising on it and boom, you’re down. The best way[inaudible 00:01:55] holistic market is making sure that you keeping all the data self. Making sure you have the emails, your phone, making sure that you have your own website, things like that, because you own that. That’s most importantly.

When we don’t own the platforms we advertise on, you can never guarantee how long it’s going to be around for. Look at the holistic approach of things and count how many platforms are on. How platforms am I using properly? How many platforms am I getting leads and inquiries on? If you don’t know, start putting a diary together, a bit of an Excel sheet together, and figure out where your leads are coming from. Figure out where people are finding you.

If you’ve done that, go find competitors and where they’re advertise as well, because there might be other places that you haven’t actually explored. I’m going to leave you there. Go do a bit of that research and come back and share with me in the comments and the questions what’s happened, where you’re advertising, and how the market’s changed in your industry, because every industry’s making massive changes now, changes that are still taking place, so it’d be good to share and really collaborate as an organization. Say, “Hey, this is what’s happening here, but it’s not so much happening here.” Share, comment, like below. Thanks so much. I look forward to seeing you next time.

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