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Emotional Triggers – Quick Wins with COM episode 26

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about Emotional Triggers.
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Video Transcription

Richard Toutounji: Welcome back it’s Richard Toutounji, the founder of Complete Online Marketing also known as COM, where we help businesses think, create, grow their online marketing to bring it into the new way to generate leads and inquiries. Now today’s topic is all around clients. It’s actually around how do we treat our clients as real people? How do we treat clients like people? There’s a thought for you. If we treat clients like people, what do we need to engage to have that relationship with them? It’s simple. It’s finding out what emotional triggers are making them making a decision. Let me give you example.

It was Friday afternoon just last week and I had to call my bank for internet banking. Now generally when you call banks you get to a big call centre, and it’s almost like you’re the number, pick up the phone, and deal with that. That’s sometimes the mentality that we receive sometimes when we talk with our clients, or they have a concern or a need, we don’t really understand emotionally what they really wanted.

It was Friday afternoon and she mentioned to me that her computer is a little bit slower, it seems like they know that it’s Friday as well. It was a little bit of a joke. She engaged in a conversation that could’ve been very robotic, very straight and let me put you on hold while my computer gets back up. I could’ve been on hold, yada, yada, yada, no emotion there. But because she engaged in the emotional, she asked, what am I doing the weekend, how is my day, what’s happening. It wasn’t even just standard questions. She was changing the way she said the questions. She was changing the way she asked the questions based on my emotions. It wasn’t a script to say, say what are you doing in the weekend, say how was your day. It wasn’t like that. It was a conversation between two people.

Next time you’re in a situation where you need to have a conversation to give just details or regular information, try to figure out emotionally how that client’s feeling, try to figure out emotionally where they are, try to figure out emotionally how you can make their day better and make it easier for them to feel just like part of the family. It’s about having a conversation. It didn’t matter how long her computers were down for, how delayed I was. It was engaging in a conversation because she knew my emotional triggers, she knew that I wanted the answer fast, but at the same time too she knew that it was Friday afternoon and so lighthearted conversation, try to ease the tension as well. Speak to a client with the intention to help them out emotionally. Speak to the client with the intention to make sure that you help them, you understand them, you understand their needs and concerns. After then, what you’re selling or what you’re advising, it doesn’t matter after that. There’s an emotion there. Test this theory out. Speak to your clients like real people. Share below what happens and what the reactions from those clients are. Thanks so much. Richard Toutounji

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