The COM Program Pathway To Growth

Grow Your Fitness or Wellness Studio or Business. Your Next Step To Growth Begins Here…

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How it works

Fast Start Strategy Session

Kick start your Ninja journey with an individual 2 hour high level strategy for every business entering the program.

Scale Up Sessions

Learn from a COM Scaler who has graduated from the Ninja Program about how they have grown their fitness business.

Coaching Calls

Throughout the month you can book a one-on-one coaching call with a COM Coach where you can get feedback, accountability and support privately for what you’re working on.

Monthly Virtual Workshops

Each month you’ll jump on a virtual zoom workshop with your fellow ninjas and coaches to learn the foundations of marketing and then execute and implement specific strategies for that month. Each month builds on the next so you have an arsenal of tools for marketing.

Weekly Q&A’s

Along with virtual workshops you’ll have access to weekly Q&A sessions held via zoom with our COM Coaches and experts. This is your chance to ask specific questions related to your marketing or get feedback on what you’re working on.

In Person Workshops

Because we still love to meet everyone in person, throughout the year you’ll be invited to meetups and workshops around Australia and New Zealand. This is a great way to connect and network with other ninjas face to face!

Facebook Group

Anytime throughout the program, you can participate in the private Facebook group where you can meet other ninjas, get feedback from the group or just participate in the fun community.

Locker Room Tactical Videos

To support you as you go through the program, you will have access to 100+ step by step tactical marketing videos to help you execute on the strategies that you are learning.

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Growth Pathways Others Have Travelled


Who: New PT starting out
Goal: To make his first $1000
Achieved: 0 to 16 clients in 8 weeks. Moving into small groups.



Who: Established PT in Gym maxed out with time
Goal: To gain back more time and grow revenue



Who: Regional Studio
Goal: To scale back and build one strong studio
Achieved: 3x Revenue in 4 months + sellable business



Who: Studio owners for 10 years and hit a plateau
Goal: To grow the studio and build a family lifestyle
Achieved: 300 Members



Who: Studio Owner who was spending all his time doing one to one training
Goal: To get back more time and make more money
Achieved: Doubled his revenue and halved his hours.



Who: Brand new studio opened in 2020 3 weeks before lockdown.
Goal: To get her first 100 members within the year.
Achieved: 100 members! Now pushing forward to the next goal.


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