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With the online world constantly changing, a lot of fitness business owners are unsure of what is the best way to market their fitness business.  Sometimes it can be easier just to place it into the “too hard basket” rather than learn the new way to market to your clients. However it doesn’t have to be this way. With our Step by Step Training, you will walk away feeling empowered, confident and gain clarity about Marketing Your Fitness Business.

In This Free Video Training, You'll Learn How To:

  • FIND YOUR POSITION OF POWER: Showcase your own unique strengths and discover your biggest advantage so that you can find out your position of power and how you can leverage it in your business and marketing.
  • TARGET THE CLIENTS YOU WANT: Target the exact clients you want to work with through your marketing. Discover the tools and tactics of how to find your target market and work with them.
  • START CONNECTING: Learn how to craft your vision, mission and values in such a way that your potential clients are attracted to you like a magnet. 

In this video training series Richard & Joey Toutounji, Co-Founders of COM Marketing take you through the education of the course. Both of them have walked the steps of fitness & wellness professionals in the fitness industry, they understand what individuals need when seeking fitness goals and gains and have years of experience in working with fitness professionals just like you, to help connect them with the community. Resulting in more leads for the fitness professional and better health for the individual.

Based on their fitness industry and marketing experience, they have created the foundations of marketing with this new Marketing Essentials Course.

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It's one of the best educational packages that I've ever seen of that nature... no joke


Megan Barnes

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Richard is a business owner, entrepreneur, author, thought leader and father. As well as helping hundred of fitness business owners grow their businesses, Richard has grown several successful businesses in competitive markets including Australia's first private fitness studio, One of Australia's largest and leading nationwide health and wellness companies, The largest personal training video directory in australia, The first fitness marketing company to be named by Fitness Australia as their preferred partner for fitness professionals.

Richard believes that once a business finds their unique marketing style, it’s then about taking your brand, marketing it with the correct messaging and your unique ability to create amazing experiences for your consumers. Which will in turn help you to create growth.

Ready To Outperform And Out Distance Your Competition?

Discover how to position your business as one of power and strength. When you discover this position of your own UNIQUENESS you will be the not only be the most sought after fitness, wellness expert but clients will stay for life.