Why Offering FREE Training is Bad Strategy | Studio Success Secrets Ep 6 With Riccardo Fantuzzi

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In this episode of Studio Success Secrets, Richard takes us to Western Sydney to visit Riccardo Fantuzzi of TransformFit. Riccardo has been in the fitness industry since he was nineteen. The area offers a lot of choices for fitness, boot camps, and gyms but how does TransformFit stand out from the crowd?

Previously, Riccardo was practically offering everything for free yet all he ever got was… crickets. And he wondered why even after the free offers, no one came in to sign up. But when he started to share his story, there were so many people who resonated with him and that’s when people started to show up, people who were going through what Riccardo has gone through. Riccardo went through a tough time in his life and fitness got him out of it and got his life back on track. It was fitness that transformed him for the better. Now Riccardo has been transforming lives through TransformFit.

By sharing his story, Riccardo got people to sign up for TransformFit. It performed better than when he was offering 21 days of training for free!

Riccardo rebranded his fitness studio to TransformFit as it encompasses his business’ mission, vision, and goal, and that worked wonders. TransformFit is all about transforming both inside and out. They offer more than fitness but transforming the overall holistic transformation of a person. By being clear with his messaging and brand voice, he was able to double his membership sign-ups.

Aside from online promotions, word got out in the area about TransformFit being a family-oriented fitness studio, in fact, a lot of family groups come in to train together. They also cater to everyone’s phase, whether they be fast or slow. They cater to their member’s capabilities and they work progressively together. This is the reason members keep coming back.

If you live near Wetherill Park, then TransformFit is definitely worth checking out. They offer a flexible system with no timetable hours so you can come in anytime you want.

Reach out to Riccardo and try your first week for free.

TransformFit Website: www.transformfit.com.au
Instagram: www.instagram.com/transformfit__tf
Facebook: www.facebook.com/transformfit2164