What’s happened to all my Instagram Story views? | Crush Wednesday Episode 90

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Something strange has happened over the weekend with Instagram Story views!

Have you noticed that over the weekend your instagram story views have dramatically dropped? If your instagram is on public you may have noticed that there has been a steady incline in story views. 

Do you remember the apps that you could use to check who follows and unfollows you to grow your instagram? They have been known to increase following, but they also come across inauthentic.

There is now a movement of mass story viewing, which has come out of Russia and Eastern Europe. These countries offer services to view peoples stories. These kinds of services have just exploded over the last few months! Then this weekend, Instagram has cracked down on these services and shut them all down. This means those bots are no longer viewing your instagram. 

The bad news is, your instagram views are down, but the GREAT news is that nothing has actually changed! Those ‘people’ were never viewing your stories in the first place. It was just something in the cloud pretending to watch your stories so that you would click them and follow them. Nothing has really changed, the same people are still viewing your stories.

Across the board instagram engagement is down because people are watching the stories instead. They are easy to engage with and can show your audience your whole brand more personally! So if you really want to grow an authentic following and grow your stories the real way follow these six instagram story hacks: 

1. Use Behind the Scenes Content

People will feel a deeper connection to you when you show them the behind the scene of your business! It might be a peek into what you do everyday. You could do a ‘day in the life’ of you and your business which could involve waking up in the morning, grabbing your coffee, doing your morning classes or even doing admin! This sort of thing gets people away from branded content  to a more authentic situation so they can connect on a stronger level!

2. Teach People Something

You are an EXPERT in your field and people are following you so they can learn from you, be entertained and most important you have something to offer them! You could let people decide what they want to learn by creating a poll asking people if they want to know about topic X or topic Y? Then create content from there. This gives you two things: It shows people are interested in your content and it tells you which kind of content people are liking from you.

You should remember to keep it short and sweet in the stories. Your content could be something like, 3 things your followers should know about nutrition or how to recover after class.

3. Talk About Yourself

This isn’t something we always do and sometimes we have the expectation that our followers already know us. Talking about yourself can be hard if your instagram is branded as a business rather than a personal brand. But if you have a brand then talk about the people who are in your business! Showcase interesting facts about your team so people can connect with your business. It’s not self-centred it’s just one piece of content you could provide!

4. Talk About Your Tribe

Talk about the people in your world, like clients and their success stories! The story doesn’t have to be you talking to the camera, it can be a photo of the client and write over it or even a video of them. Give them something different your audience has never seen from you! Talking about success stories and real clients will inspire potential clients to join you!

5. Give an Offer or an Invitation

If you don’t give people an offer or an invitation they will never take that step to join you. On the internet we might assume people know what to do, but they don’t! All you need to do is get on Instagram and tell them about a brand new class or a new offer that you have and invite them to come to see what its about!

6. Go out and Engage with People

Take note of your followers and interact in a way that will make them feel valued! If you’re not watching other people’s stories and not engaging with other peoples stories don’t expect people to do the same for you! Even if it is liking their stories or responding to them, take notice of who your followers are and connect with them!

Take advantage of the power of instagram stories and follow these instagram story hacks so you can showcase your business authentically and engage new clients the right way!

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