What is Content Marketing and Why Do I Need It?

​Content Marketing is a strategic technique consisting of creating valuable and educational information to engage a specific audience, drive customer action and build a consistent foundation of credibility that will attract leads and ultimately conversions.

So what does this mean exactly?

It means that we live in a generation when TV ads, cold-calling and direct paper mail are becoming decreasingly effective. The new strategy for achieving leads is using content marketing, which is simply using tools like social media, blogs, eNews or landing pages to PULL IN prospective customers to become buyers!

Here are 5 helpful tips on how to refine your content marketing to build a successful marketing machine!

1) Offer VALUABLE Information: This is the key to converting customer interest into leads. If you want followers to buy into your business, it is necessary to offer your audience educational content, instead of simply advertising your company’s services. This information should serve to answer customer inquiries and satisfy their needs. Creating valuable content will keep your audience coming back to you for information, building your credibility as a trustworthy resource. 

2) Call to ACTION: Not only should the information you communicate be useful for potential customers, but it should also include actions for your prospects to perform. For example, call these prospective customers to follow links to your company website, sign up for newsletters or to contact you for more information.

*Sample eNewsletter Content With a Clear Call to Action:

3) Keep it SIMPLE: Marketing nowadays is instant and constant, so any immediate actions you want prospective customers to take should be clear and direct. Include easy links to follow or else your call to action will become a mere suggestion.

4) UNDERSTAND Your Audience: This is a detail that is often overlooked and underestimated. The aim of your marketing should be about achieving more customers not only more traffic. To focus on quality over quantity, find your target demographic and tailor your marketing content to entice them specifically.

5) Sense and RESPOND. If people respond to your marketing efforts with questions or comments, you have succeeded in attracting them, but this is only half the battle. It is vital to respond to their questions or comments, as this is what will convert them into leads. Maintain your relationship with your audience, as these personal interactions are the foundation of today’s marketing and will even create promoters of your business.

If you use these tips, marketing your business online will become a simple and stress-free method to gain clients and save money!

Do you want to learn more about content marketing and how to implement similar strategies? 


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