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Websites Vs Landing Pages – Quick Wins with COM Ep 03

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about Websites Vs Landing Pages
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Video Transcription

Richard : Welcome to Quick Wins with Com. It’s Richard Toutounji, and today we’re going to have a special guest. I thought let’s just try it out by having a bit of a Q and A between us both. This is Evelyn, and Evelyn takes care of all our techy operations and plugging certain elements into websites and making sure they work, and making sure they work fast. Today we’re talking all about websites versus landing pages. I’ve come from website land, landing pages are probably relatively newer than website, right?

Evelyn: Yeah, I think so.

Richard: I want to talk about what the point of having a landing page, and then what the point of having a website is. Some businesses don’t even have websites, they just have landing pages, and I’m sort of like going, “Well, you need a website as well.” I want to understand because I’ve had this conversation in the past where a website isn’t really needed if you’ve got a very simple business, could you just have a landing page? Now, for the people that don’t know what a landing page, maybe you want to explain what a landing page is first.

Evelyn: Yeah, sure. A landing page is a page on your website that or either on your website or through a third-party platform, that is basically just has one purpose, it’s to promote an offer or an event or get somebody to opt in for something. It might be, yeah, that you want to convert them or sign them up to a newsletter or something like that. Basically, it just has one single purpose.

Richard: One focus, it means that nobody can distracted on the top, going to a logo, and clicking here, clicking there. It’s like I said before, you’ve got to direct them to one spot, one action only.

Evelyn: Yeah.

Richard: Okay, so we understand what a landing page is. We all know what a website is. It holds information, it holds your trust, it holds your services, your about us page, all that sort of stuff. I had the question to you before, I was thinking, well why do we need a website if we have a landing page? What’s your response to that?

Evelyn: Well, I think you need both. I think a website’s great for your branding. It’s great for getting your business out there, what you do in general, but a landing page, like we said before, is something that, especially if you’re driving traffic to it, is a single focused page where you can get people to opt in for something and there’s no distraction, and there’s only one single focus for the page.

Richard: Once we start to get a few more products in, we want a place where we can have all the products like a shopping cart and all those sort of things.

Evelyn: Exactly right.

Richard: Okay, great.

Evelyn: Yeah.

Richard: That makes sense. It makes sense. I guess it answers the question, you need a website, but a landing page with a specific purpose and a specific solution.

Evelyn: Exactly.

Richard: Now, I like to think, how can we have both?

Evelyn: Sure.

Richard: What can we do to have both?

Evelyn: I mean, here at Com, we want for our clients to be able to have their website and then also be able to build landing pages with that on the back of their website. We use a plugin that’s called Thrive Page Builder which is just a plugin for WordPress. You put it in, and then you’re able to build specific landing pages that are connected to your website, they have the value that you’ve still got your own domain, and that you can actually control the look and the feel of it from the back end of your website.

Richard: I also think the branding aspect is that when we have the landing page on the website, it helps the URL to brand.

Evelyn: That’s right.

Richard: I heard how you go to the right place versus you send them to some other page like a landing page that has a different URL and it’s sort of like I was talking about before, like emails, you’re sending them to a random email address or random email account, you should always be personal branding or company branding, or you’re own branding.

Evelyn: Exactly right. Yeah. Yes.

Richard: Yeah. With landing pages, we can set up an offer and we can throw some money to it, and really fast, we could change images or text. The business owner can change themselves.

Evelyn: Exactly right, yeah.

Richard: That’s what I really like about landing pages.

Evelyn: Yeah, and with Thrive, it’s a drag and drop page builder. What you see is what you get. You can change an image really quickly. You can put a call to action in or you can move things around and really build a fast landing page.

Richard: This [inaudible 00:04:23] landing builder, how many [inaudible 00:04:24] landing pages it builds out [inaudible 00:04:27]?

Evelyn: Yeah.

Richard: Okay, so you’re just going to choose a landing page that works with your website, and you can move it that way pretty fast.

Evelyn: Exactly, yeah.

Richard: Awesome. All right. Thank you so much. This is our first episode with our special guest, very first time.

Evelyn: Thank you.

Richard: Let us know what you thought about it. Put your questions below, like, share, comment, and I’ll catch you next time. Thanks so much.

Evelyn: See you.

Richard: Thank you for listening in. Remember to keep your eye out and subscribe, share, and like. Check out our other videos below.

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