Stop Competing And Find Your Position Of Power Instead | QWWC Ep 67

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Competition in business will always exist – but what if you could ensure that you never had to compete again? Just a long line of leads and clients who know, like and trust you.

It’s actually possible, when you are marketing from your Position of Power.

What is a Position Of Power?

Your position of power is that thing that makes you unique in the marketplace. It’s the thing that no one can beat you on. For KFC it was their secret sauce. For Michael Jordan it was that one slam dunk move.

We’re not talking about just saying I’m the best trainer. Cause anyone could essentially say that. What makes you the best trainer? Have you had the MOST amount of people lose weight through your programming? Where you the first to train a certain way. That is your real position of power and here’s how you find it.

Step 1: What Are You?

The question to ask yourself in order to find your position of power as a fitness professional is are you the only, the first, the most experienced, the strongest. We call these your USP’s – Unique Selling Propositions. Write a list of all these things so that you can use them as your position of power.

If you’re struggling to find something that you’re the first, the biggest, the longest at try adding up or counting how long you have been training for (eg. 20 years), or how many sessions in total you have run (eg. 1000 hours of training).

STEP 2: Why You?

The second thing to ask yourself to find your position of power is why do you do what you do? Why do your clients come to train with you? This is a great indication of your position of power. The best way to do this is to actually just ask you clients – they are the ones who will tell you the truth.

STEP 3: Write Down Your Statement/Vision

Now that you have a good idea what your position of power is, it’s time to write your ‘signature statement.’ This is the one line that you can use when speaking to people or in your marketing to showcase your position.

This might sound something like… The only trainer in Sydney who consistently get results for our clients every week… guaranteed. Sounds much better than just ‘we get results for our clients’ right? And that’s why we call it a position of power.

STEP 4: Market It

Now that you are clear on your position of power it’s time to put it out there to the world. Use it on social media, your facebook, paint it on the wall in your gym. Even better, create a badge or icon that represents your new position of power and use it EVERYWHERE.

Your position of power will elevate you from just another trainer in your area… to the only trainer that people want to come and train with.