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Notification Nightmare – Quick Wins with COM Ep 16

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about notification nightmare.
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Video Transcription

Richard : Welcome back to Quick Wins with COM. I’m Richard Toutounji. Today, we’re talking about that thing called notifications. Notifications are everywhere, every app you have, every mobile device, every computer, desktop, laptop, iPad. It’s all got notifications. Would you like notifications on or would you like notifications off? You see, in business today, never before in history has things moved so fast. As a business owner, you got to figure out what’s an important notification and what’s a notification I can definitely turn off? We see people that are consistently on. They’re always on, and doesn’t mean by answering the phone or looking at the notifications that actually anything’s happening, you see, because they could with a client. They could be talking, but they see it, and then they just put it in their pocket. They don’t actually respond to it, so there’s actually no action in having the notifications. There’s dis-action. The dis-action here is that when you’re talking to a client, and you’re bringing your phone up for a second just to see the notification, you’re switching off.

You’re not having that connection with the client or the present moment or the staff member or the job at hand that you’re working on right now, and the notification pops up. Notifications are really great if they’re going to notify you about something super important, super urgent. Notifications would be great if they notify you with a certain emergency that you need to act on straight away, but the other side of the coin on notifications, if the notifications are on and you’re not paying attention to the client, you’re not being able to do productive work, you’re not being able to listen correctly, you’re losing time on looking at all of these notifications all day long. What are you actually doing? What are you actually doing with your day besides looking at notifications all day long? You see, it’s about chunking up your day. It’s about emails in the morning. It’s about meetings. It’s about strategy and then turn the notifications off. If someone calls you and you can’t take it, turn it off. Let it go to message bank. You see, you’ve got to chunk up your day. Otherwise, what’s the point of all these notifications? What’s the point of all this technology if we’re not using the technology correctly. It’s okay to turn the notifications off. Notifications work if they’re actually going to notify you of a certain and important task.

Today’s message is turn off the notifications you don’t need and really focus on the job, the client, the present, the task, the staff member at hand to make sure that you can perform at your peak, deliver your best, then move on to the next task. Turn them off. Turn them off so you can really perform at your peak. That’s today’s Quick Win. Remember, go to your notifications, turn them all off that you don’t need, and then get back to having a productive workday. Thanks so much. I look forward to speaking to you next time. Speaker 2: Do you find marketing your business online confusing and overwhelming? The New Age of Online Marketing seminar teaches you how to achieve Quick Wins in a variety of areas of online marketing. From your website, social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as how to rank on Google and actually convert those rankings into leads and conversions. The seminar is free. The New Age of Online Marketing Seminar is a networking event for business owners to discover how they can implement innovative online marketing strategies in their business. Cut through the Notification Nightmare -noise and discover what really works online with complete online marketing.

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