Niched Down = Scale Up | Studio Success Secrets Ep 11 With Andrea Hutchinson

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In this episode of Studio Success Secrets, we visit Andrea Hutchinson, the owner of LiveBreath Health & Fitness right in the heart of Randwick on Alison Road. Her studio is known for it’s very unique equipment.

By zeroing in on her target market of women, Andrea has been able to significantly scale her studio. She prefers a small group, tight-knit community instead of big classes. In turn, this has allowed Andrea to provide the ultimate care for each of her members. She makes them feel welcome, that they are more than just a number. She finds out what motivates them and uses it to fuel them to push past their limits. She is able to monitor the right training intensity, their nutrition as well as hold them accountable. She makes sure her members leave her studio feeling different, with a smile on their faces.

She was able to be more hands-on with her clients because she niched down, only serving her audience. She doesn’t try to serve everyone. Which is why despite being surrounded by more or less 15 other fitness studios, she still has about 100 members.

Watch this episode to see how a boutique studio has reached its success without trying to be everything for everyone! If you’re located in Randwick and are on the lookout for unique training, definitely check out LiveBreath Health and Fitness!