How To Create a Fitness Brand That Attracts Your Avatar | Crush Wednesday Ep 60

Meet Olivia Banks. She owns Fluro Fitness here in Sydney and has seen significant growth over the years. She joins Richard for this episode of Crush Wednesday to talk about her journey of growing her fitness business over the last 6-7 years.

Olivia started as a mobile personal trainer in Sydney’s Inner West, travelling to do 1 on 1 PT Sessions with clients. She added on outdoor group classes and now works exclusively on the business while a trainer takes care of classes and PT sessions.

A big part of her growth was recognising her niche and then rebranding her business to attract those people. In her group classes she had mostly women attending and made the BIG leap to market her business exclusively to women. A big part of this was a new bright pink logo that is highly recognisable. Since the rebrand she has people seeking her out on social media, saying they have seen her around. People are ATTRACTED to her.

A big shift in the last 6 months for Olivia is becoming a new mum. This has brought with it her own challenges and she shares with Richard some of her top tips for balancing work and family life, especially when working at home, including waking up at 5am and making sure she takes time for herself.

Listen to the full interview above to hear Olivia’s story.