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Innovation – Quick Wins with COM Episode 19

In this week’s episode of Quick Wins with COM, Richard is talking about innovation. When it comes to innovating, it’s important that it’s not a distraction from what you do and who you are as a business.

It’s not about starting a flashy new business. It’s not about the bright lights or the ‘latest greatest’ idea. It’s about looking at what you have in your hand. Innovation doesn’t mean changing everything about your business; but it does mean change.

Whether it’s a new system or a new logo, innovation is about moving your business ahead to stay current while remaining who you are.

Get excited and stay passionate about what you do, if you’re not passionate, how can you expect anyone else to be?

Check out the episode to hear about what innovation looks like in today’s business environment, and how to do it effectively.

Richard Toutounji
Founder, Complete Online Marketing
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Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Welcome back to Quick Wins with COM. It’s Richard [Turner 00:00:01]. I’m the founder of Complete Online Marketing also known as COM. Where we help traditional businesses win in the new age of online marketing. And today we are talking about a conversation around innovation. A conversation around possibly getting stale in your business. You see we see a lot of business owners here and you have 2 types of business owners. You got the business owner that’s been in business for all their life. They generally doing the same systems the same marketing that they’ve always done. Then you have the other business, sometimes we call this the entreprenuer. That they want to create a business every single year, they want to create a new business every single month. And what can happen is we can get distracted. We can get distracted if we’re a traditional business owner that literally can see the lights and the glamours of all the new things that are happening and they say, “Hey, let’s give that a try.”

Then the entreprenuer who wants to take multiple businesses likes to be that creative and we’ve all been there. We want to create and create and do new things. But, I like to think of it as that if we already got something that solid it might be worthwhile just to refocus yourself and possibly start watering that machine that you already have. It’s about getting stale. If it’s getting stale how can we innovate that brand.

You see innovation doesn’t have to be through technology or doesn’t have to really be creating something so dramatically new. It’s just about changing a system or two. It’s about changing marketing. It could be changing a logo. You know, when was the last time that was updated. Changing a website. It’s about going back into the marketplace with excitement, with clarity so people that didn’t know about you can start to see who you are. You see that’s innovation that’s moving ahead. That’s making sure you’re current in the marketplace and you don’t need to go start a new business for that. You literally can use your own business that you’ve already had, maybe the last 5, 10 20 years, 2 years and you can just figure out how can I take this business and how can I make it exciting again. How can I get passionate again by having this business and that’s just literally just trying to change the marketing. Change the systems and that will keep you super busy. There is so many programs out there. Now you can automate your business a little bit more. There’s so many systems that you can use. There’s so many different marketing techniques that you can use. So instead of just going and trying to find the latest greatest business I would start to re water the business that you have.

You see going out there in the marketplace today, it’s competitive, it’s hard. Just because we can do all things online doesn’t mean it’s super easy. You see you still have to create a brand. You got to create traction. You got to create systems. You got to create staff. So by going out and choosing, I want to choose a new business. I’m over this business or a bit bored of it. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the fast win. The fast win is the bird in the hand. The fast win is the is your own backyard. But the question is, if your not watering and your not staying passionate about this business, then it starts to go down and down and down and down and you wake up one day and you go hey, I had this awesome business now it’s turning over nothing. It’s dried up. I don’t like it anymore. That’s because you haven’t stayed innovated.

It’s about the strategy. It’s about the execution. It’s about the implementation and it’s about the consistency. If you can do that day in and day out. So don’t go for the lights. Don’t go for the flashy stuff out there. Look around and see what’s happening at the moment. What’s happening in my own industry and possibly what things do I need to change a little bit to stay innovative, to stay alive and to stay passionate. Remember as a business owner, as a marketing department, anybody working in a culture company. You can give your all and your best if your passionate. If your excited. So get the excitement back and try to figure out what that means for you and what that means to really innovate that business and going and doing it. So I’m Richard Turner. If you liked this episode, show it to your friends. We run a lot of workshops, a lot of events, so come check us out one day. Otherwise keep watching these videos. Share them with your friends and I look forward to seeing you next time. Thanks so much.

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