Finding Your Uniqueness and Building A Business From Passion | Crush Wednesday Ep 54

Today’s Crush Wednesday – Richard is joined by Helen from Hol Health who is a member of our COM Ninja Program. They talk about her journey to finding her passion as a health and fitness professional. Helen didn’t always know that she wanted to be a PT – in fact she had a pretty long journey through real estate, music school, DJ-ing, acting, beauty therapy, sales, etc. What she did know is that she wanted to help people.

After returning from Hollywood after winning a series of short film festivals, she was working in sales for a car dealership and just didn’t love it. She knew something was missing. At the time she was training at F45 and her trainer encouraged her that she would make a good personal trainer – that was the push she needed. She went back to study at the age of 33 and hasn’t looked back.

When she joined the Ninja Program her business was called HIIT This. Although it was a cool name – she knew in her heart it still didn’t represent the whole of what she did. After a conversation with Richard and during one of her first workshops she realised that what she did was wholistic – and that’s where her current brand was born – Hol Health.

She went from earning 20k (per year) when she first started her business to now eclipsing the salary she was on when she was doing sales – all while following her passion of helping people.
Her success came when she surrendered to her passion and her uniqueness. Listen to the full interview above.