3 BIGGEST Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Facebook Ads – QWWC Ep 48

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Have you ever created a Facebook Ad only to find that no one is clicking or engaging with your content. Don’t worry – it happens to us all. In this episode of Quick Wins With COM Richard chats with Evielyn about her top 3 tips for creating Facebook Ad Images that ‘pop’ in the news feed for more conversions and the mistakes to avoid people just scrolling past your ads.

For Facebook Ads that get noticed in your customers newsfeeds, think about these three things:

1. Use Original Images

In every test (& we’ve done alot), original images always perform better than images that use stock photos. When it comes to branding yourself online, the last thing you want is to be generic and look the same as everyone else. Remember that when you purchase that stock photo that you love, so have 1000+ other people. It won’t be long till you notice someone else using that same stock image in their company branding and suddenly an image that you thought was unique, no longer represents your brand.

If hundreds of people are going to see your ad, then it makes sense to invest in some good photography that you can use in your advertising – not just on Facebook, but on your website and other online (& offline) platforms.

2. Use Block Colours

Block, bold, bright colours are always going to stand out in people’s news feeds. So wherever possible try and use a block colour in your ad. Perhaps as a background or a button. But whatever you do, try not to use blue. Blue can often get lost on Facebook as the main colour of Facebook is blue.

3. Use Less Text

Facebook used to have the dreaded ‘20% text’ rule. This stated that you couldn’t have more than 20% text on your ad image. This has recently changed, and Facebook will allow more than 20% text on images but they will reduce how many people see your ad. So it makes sense to follow the guidelines so more people see your ad!

So next time you are creating your ads be sure to use the tips above to make sure that yours are the ones that stand out in the news feed!


Video Transcription

Richard T.:                              Awesome, and so these three things will help you convert more, get better reach, and get better leads. Hi. Welcome back to Quick Wins with COM. I’m Richard Toutounji, and today we are talking all about Facebook, so I thought let’s bring on Evielyn Chapman. How are you?

Evielyn Chapman:             Good. How are you Richard?

Richard T.:                              Evie is our operations manager. Tell everybody what you do here at COM.

Evielyn Chapman:             I’m the operations manager here and my job is to make sure that all of the systems run here, that our office is running good, that we’re really making sure that we hit our goals and move forward.

Richard T.:                              Basically keeping me on track as well.

Evielyn Chapman:             Yeah.

Richard T.:                              Part of that system is our marketing.

Evielyn Chapman:             Yes.

Richard T.:                              I wanted to ask you really about Facebook and the best converting ads and how that’s sort of working. Today I want to ask Evie, what are the three biggest tips that you have after setting up all your Facebook, hundreds and hundreds of different research you’ve had, what are the three biggest tips for the ad creation part of it?

Evielyn Chapman:             I think number one is make sure you use original images.

Richard T.:                              Original versus those ones that you can buy like stock images?

Evielyn Chapman:             Yeah. Absolutely. You don’t want to be scrolling through your Facebook feed and you’ve used this beautiful stock image and then you see somebody else and they’ve used that same image.

Richard T.:                              That won’t work.

Evielyn Chapman:             Yeah. It doesn’t. Who does it belong to? Whose brand does it belong to?

Richard T.:                              You want to really stay on brand?

Evielyn Chapman:             Absolutely you do.

Richard T.:                              What about the conversion though, does it actually convert better? Stock versus …

Evielyn Chapman:             Absolutely. It does.

Richard T.:                              Yeah?

Evielyn Chapman:             Yeah. 100%. Every time I’ve tested it, the original images always perform better and you get lower cost per clicks, you get better click throughs if you use original images.

Richard T.:                              Amazing, and I think you’ve tested out just in your own newsfeed, your personal page, you can put a stock and then put a picture of yourself. I’m sure you’re going to get more likes in the picture of yourself.

Evielyn Chapman:             Yeah. Absolutely.

Richard T.:                              Awesome. Okay. What’s number two?

Evielyn Chapman:             Number two is use block colours. Rather than multicoloured, use a really bold block colour.

Richard T.:                              When you’re saying a bold stock, you’re saying use the same colour? Can you make different colours or just one colour kind of thing?

Evielyn Chapman:             I would use one colour. One main colour in your ad, and make sure that it’s not blue.

Richard T.:                              Why is that?

Evielyn Chapman:             Because Facebook is blue.

Richard T.:                              Right. So it’s going to get distracted in that newsfeed.

Evielyn Chapman:             Absolutely hideous. Yeah.

Richard T.:                              What happens if your logo is blue and your brand is blue?

Evielyn Chapman:             Well, you might have to tweak it a little.

Richard T.:                              Okay. With your Facebook ad copy, tweak it, really pop it.

Evielyn Chapman:             Absolutely. Yeah. Use colours like yellow, green. You could use reds.

Richard T.:                              You’d have your image and then you’d have the block colour associating with that image?

Evielyn Chapman:             Exactly right.

Richard T.:                              Makes sense. That converts better than like rainbow kind of …

Evielyn Chapman:             Yes it does.

Richard T.:                              … patterns. Is that the word? Rainbow patterns?

Evielyn Chapman:             Yeah. Rainbow.

Richard T.:                              Okay. Different colours.

Evielyn Chapman:             Different colours.

Richard T.:                              Okay.

Evielyn Chapman:             Yeah. Absolutely, and if they’re bold colours, then that’s going to make people stop even more, because what you need with ad creatives is people to stop in their newsfeed and see your ad.

Richard T.:                              Disrupting them whilst they’re going through their newsfeed.

Evielyn Chapman:             Absolutely. Yes.

Richard T.:                              Okay. Awesome. That’s a pretty simple tip. What’s tip number three.

Evielyn Chapman:             Tip number three is use less text on your actual image in your ad, because what Facebook does is they prefer images without text.

Richard T.:                              Now I’ve seen the whole 20% and I’m sure the audience has heard about the 20% rule. You can get away with 20% now still?

Evielyn Chapman:             You can’t get away with 20%.

Richard T.:                              Do you still say using less?

Evielyn Chapman:             Yes. In the past, if you had more than 20% they would just disallow your ad. That’s not the case anymore. Now you can have more than 20, but you will have less reach if you have more than 20% in your ad.

Richard T.:                              Interesting.

Evielyn Chapman:             You don’t want less reach.

Richard T.:                              Interesting.

Evielyn Chapman:             You want to get it out to as many people as you can.

Richard T.:                              So they’re saying you can still use it but they’re not going to serve it to as many people now.

Evielyn Chapman:             Exactly right.

Richard T.:                              All right. Awesome. These three things will help you convert more, get better reach, and get better leads.

Evielyn Chapman:             Yeah.

Richard T.:                              Amazing. There you have it. There’s the three tips for the best ad creation on Facebook. Thanks so much Evie.

Evielyn Chapman:             No worries.

Richard T.:                              Now next time you go and set up a Facebook ad, watch the video again, share it with your business friends, and really go in and try it out and test out, and I’d love to see what your conversions are. You can comment below, send us a message, let us know what those conversions are when you make these adjustments. I’ll see you next time on Quick Wins with COM.