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On this weeks’ episode of Quick Wins With COM Richard explains how to develop a unique brand for you business.

Creating a unique brand is a great way to set your business apart from its competitors while also establishing your products and services in the marketplace.

Richards’ three main points on how to develop a unique brand for your business are:

  1. Create a Community of Fans for Your Business
  2. Use the 1%, Focus on What Sets You Apart From the Competition
  3. Don’t Neglect the Day to Day Processes that Make Your Business What it is!

Watch the whole video to find out how to develop a unique brand identity for your business.

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Video Transcription

Hi, it’s Richard Toutounji, CEO of COM Marketing Group, and today, I want to take you through the start of the journey, and this is a question where if you’re, been in business, getting into business, this is a great starting point to re-evaluate or see if you’re on the right track and how you can develop a unique brand in your business.

I really believe the word unique is strong today because if you don’t have a unique brand, all you’re selling is price-driven. So, it’s really important to understand how you can create this. So let’s get started.

The first part is fans. I say raving fans as well because raving fans are different to fans. You want to create a business that generates not just sales in the business but also you leave a lasting impression to your clients and we could also say to your avatar, to the audience you’re going to try to attract.

And you want to turn them into fans, like, fans that will tell everybody about what you do, write your reviews, you know, tag you, like you, share you, spread the message. To do that, you gotta take a step back and you gotta get two things right and that’s your vision statement and your mission statement.

You could understand where you’re going with your vision statement, like, really shout to the world and then people understand actually how you do something with your mission statement, the process of that. It really showcases to collect the right audience, to collect the right fans.

Number two is something I call the one percent. So, the next point is one percent. One percent means that you’ve gotta have that uniqueness. You’ve gotta have that identity. You’ve gotta have that Michael Jordan move in your business, and that’s the product and the servicing.

Let me give you an example. We look at KFC example. He’s selling chicken. And so you’ve got one chicken shop and you have another chicken shop. But the only difference here between KFC and a chicken shop is the secret herbs and spices. That was the USP. That’s the one percent. That’s the difference that created a worldwide brand, was literally the spices, the herbs and the spices.

So what is the herbs and spices in your business? If you’re selling, if you’re personal training and delivering personal training services, how is your product and service different to your competitors’, to your colleagues’ products and services? If you don’t understand how to get that one percent, you’ve really got to start to see what you’re really good at, what actually lights you up inside, what people have commented on to say, hey, you’re really good at that, you’re really good at this.

Like, what excites you, most importantly. Because as a small business owner, a lot of the time we start businesses to solve a problem, and we’re really talking here to the small business owner, and you can really change this really fast by understanding what makes you different, what makes you unique. And then can you transfer it into the business, most importantly, and once you do this, those raving fans are going to love that product and service that you have.

The last part of the journey is the process. Let me write that down for you. Process. And the reason why process is in this list is simply because once you have the raving fans, once you have that product, that Michael Jordan, that KFC product, you need to make sure that your process works.

Because the last thing you want to do is take them through the journey, take them through the experience, and they don’t have a good operational experience. They don’t get the product delivered. You can’t get referrals back in. So, a process means what’s your marketing process, what’s your sales process, do you understand when to put these certain elements out to the marketplace, because the process is literally the workings of the business.

The process is what you do day to day. That’s understanding that, once you have a system that works, then you have to systemize it, then you have to scale, then you have to do your marketing correctly, then you have to do your sales correctly. Without a process, all you have are some great fans and a great idea that can’t get to marketplace. This sometimes can be the longest, the most draining, the thing that will keep you up late at night, but without a process, you can’t actually get to your raving fans, and you can’t get that product to them.

I hope that’s really helped, and again review this when you’re starting a business. Review this anyway in your business. Review it at the start of the year. I will see you next time on Quick Wins with COM.


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