Creating a Disneyland Experience In Your Fitness Business | Quick Wins with COM Ep 55


In this week’s Episode of Quick Wins With COM, Richard comes to you from Disneyland – the most magical place on earth. People go to Disneyland, not just for the rides – but for that magical experience and feeling that they get when they step through the gates.

It’s not dissimilar to what people expect when they walk into your training session or gym. More of often than not, these days people are not just looking for a great training session or good facilities, but they are searching for an outcome. That might be to put on muscle mass or to lose weight, or just to fell better and have more energy to play with their kids.

Whatever their outcome, your job is to help them achieve their outcome. Now at Disneyland, it’s not just the rides that provide that magical experience, it’s all the add ons and up-sells like the Mickey and Minnie dolls you can take home with you to continue that magical feeling.

So how can you maximise a bit of Disneyland into your business? Like it or not, fitness is a want item for people, it’s a nice to have. But when you add on items that are a need item – that is where the magic happens.

To reach their outcomes of losing weight, people need food. Not everyone is a chef or has the time to cook, so why not team up with a food company who can supply meals to your members. Now you’ve taken your want item (fitness) and added a need item.

And just like that your maximising a little disneyland magic into your business and making your clients outcomes more achievable!


Out Perform, Out Distance, and Out Shine


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