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Are You Offering Complete Solutions – Quick Wins with COM Episode 15

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about offering complete solutions.
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Video Transcription

Richard: Welcome back to Quick Wins with COM. I’m Richard Toutounji and today, we’re talking about solutions. Now, I’ve said in other episodes before, “Are you offering a service or a solution?” I really want to stay in that point because I’ve had so many experiences over the last couple of weeks and it really made me tick. You see, I went to the dentist and the dentist said, “Hey Richard, these are the products that we recommend that you use between appointments. I said, “Cool. Can I get them off you now?” He says, “No.” For me, I found it was so injust to be offering a solution but not providing it in that same appointment. The other examples are like, what about a barber that recommends to use a hair product or a hairdresser but doesn’t actually sell the gel, the mousse or the hairspray. What about a personal trainer or a gym owner who recommends maybe a nutritional supplement or dietary requirements but doesn’t have it in the gym or their service offering to give that to you. You see, clients coming to you for the complete solution. You don’t know. Maybe they’re busy, maybe they don’t want to go find somewhere else, maybe they don’t have the time.

You see, businesses think that by giving it away, they’re not selling to the customer but it’s not about selling, it’s about giving that customer what they need, what they came for in the first place and making it so easy to have that purchase so they can actually get the results so they can get everything they need in one motion instead of going to three or four different place. It’s actually a disservice to not have the full solution if you’re into a service-based industry. What can you do in you business today to add in a solution to your existing service-based business? See, it’s easy. It’s just basically, whatever you recommended in the past and can you get it in stock, can you align yourself with someone to make it super, super easy for your customer? Because then they’re going to come back for more. They’re going to refer and they’re going to scream about how good your business to their friends and family. Make it easy for your customers. Remember, it’s not selling, it’s giving a solution, a full solution to your customers to keep them happy and to get them the best results possible. This is Richard. Share below in the comments, what have you added into your business to make it a full solution based business. Until next time, I’ll see you later. Speaker 2: Do you find marketing your business online confusing and overwhelming? The New Age of Online Marketing seminar teaches you how to achieve quick wins in a variety of areas of online marketing from your website, social media, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as how to rank on Google and actually convert those rankings into leads and conversions. The seminar is free. The New Age of Online Marketing seminar is a networking event for the business owners to discover how they can implement innovative online marketing strategies in their business. Cut through the noise and discover what really works online with complete online marketing.

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