The fitness industry is very competitive and we often have many people asking, how can I attract more clients? The answer is clear – Get your content out there! Put your content on any and every social media platform to showcase your business. So now you’re asking – How do I do this?  Create your
In this episode of Industry Change Richard talks to Luke Baylis co-founder and CEO of Australia’s biggest health food chain: Sumo Salad. At one point for a long time, Sumo Salad had 92% brand awareness in the market as they were the first health food chain in Australia. Now after 16 years Luke Baylis has
This is Lachlan he has been a personal trainer for 4 years. He is the founder of Full of Fit which aims to help busy executives and small business owners reduce stress and boost their energy! Prior to joining the COM Ninja Program he had a few pain points:  Based in Adelaide, Lachlan knew he
“You have to spend money to make money, so bite the bullet and back yourself” Phil Atkinson is the Founder and Head coach at Brand New Me in Coffs Harbour and Nambucca Heads. Phil found that trying to manage 2 fitness centers difficult and at the time he struggled with:  Getting clientele in the door
Mark and Stefanie Dugandzich are the co-founders of Hi Reps Fitness. They have been together for 12 years and operated Hi-Reps Fitness for 10! Before the COM Ninja Program, they didn’t have a clear mission or vision and they were not getting the leads they wanted. They had all great these ideas but no direction
In this week’s episode of Industry Change Richard speaks with Barrie Elvish the CEO of Fitness Australia. Appointed at the beginning of 2019, Barrie is striving to empower and build healthier communities alongside the fitness industry.  Despite coming from outside the fitness industry, Barrie has set a number of goals to entice Australians to live
Meet Tracy Pendergast, a personal trainer with over 10 years experience in the industry. Before joining the Ninja Program, Tracy was struggling to get leads and did not have a special offer for clients. She expected clients to join without knowing how to attract them properly. Tracy found herself struggling financially and felt disheartened when
Imagine arriving in a new country, knowing no one and starting from scratch. Naturally, your first instinct would not be to start a business, but this was Lawrence’s big idea. Originally from England, Lawrence set his sights on Australia and had the big idea to start a business here, that aimed to promote the RAW
In this week’s episode of Industry Change Richard speaks to CEO and Co-founder of global wellness platform MINDBODY, Rick Stollmeyer. From humble beginnings Rick started this company in the late 90’s, which aimed to provide fitness businesses’ with software to create change for their clients. Now, in 2019, MINDBODY is the largest platform in the
What does it take to level up in your marketing in 2019? Plenty of fitness business owners are playing the short game in business. And why not? The short game gets you leads now. But at what cost? And when you stop paying – the leads stop. In 2019 levelling up in your marketing requires