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As a fitness professional, you're passionate about transforming lives through fitness. However, growing your business can be challenging, especially when you're not getting enough leads from your marketing efforts. 🙌 In this episode, we'll explore the latest trends and expert insights to help you double down on your fitness business.

The fitness industry is changing. It’s not just about what you do in the gym anymore—it’s about how you market yourself and your brand. 💯 In this podcast episode with Hays, learn how to continuously learn and scale up in fitness marketing! Tune in!🙌

If you’ve been struggling to find staff over the last 2 years, you’re not alone! It’s harder than ever to find good staff to help you grow your fitness business. In this episode, I talked with fitness expert and business owner Simon Mcdonald about the secret places you can find staff for your business as well as what we can expect from the fitness industry in 2023. 💯