Fitness business owners have all been through the toughest times at the height of COVID lockdown. So as we say goodbye to

Our latest episode of Studio Success Secrets Virtual Edition takes us to Northcote (virtually that is!). We speak with Ida Bakos, owner

As a PT, owning a fitness studio is the end goal. The latest episode of The Marketing Muscle Up Show, Richard talks

Chris Thomas, PT and owner of Apex Health & Performance, previously worked as a one-on-one trainer at Fitness First and had to

 When you have a limited budget for marketing, it’s better to allocate it to something that already works. This is perfect

Shauna Lamont is a franchise owner of EFM Health Clubs in Toowoomba. Before becoming a COM Ninja, Shauna had a lot of

Sigrid Chambers is the co-founder of a progressive studio called Exolt EMS located in Drummoyne which offers EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation.

Adriano Rizzo is a PT and owner of Rizz Fitness. Before joining the COM Ninja Program, he was capped at 13 $1,300

Our latest episode of Studio Success Show takes us to Toowoomba and visit EFM Toowoomba, owned by our ninja, Shauna Lamont. 

Iain and Sharon, owners of Pilates360, initially struggled with who to market to. They also didn’t know how to showcase who they