Want to know the importance of technology and mental health in the fitness industry? In this episode Richard chats with the Chief Operating Officer of LIFT Brands Andy Peat. Andy was 17 when he started out in the industry, conveniently not having to tell anyone his age… he was a personal trainer, worked on cruise
A few months ago I was wandering around the Fitness Show in Melbourne’s Convention Centre and Stumbled into an exhibit in the back corner that had a bath filled with ice in it… I was intrigued to say the least. Lured in by what looked like a wild man, we started to chat about the
Do you want to stay in the fitness industry for the long term? Then you need to know It’s not about the exercise! If you have been in the industry for 2+ years you’re probably realizing that to continue in the fitness industry you need something more than just how to exercise and how to
In this week’s episode of Industry Change I chat with Ty Menzies the CEO of LIFT Brands. Ty has had over 15 years of experience in this industry with a background of owning independent clubs, franchises and is now the CEO of LIFT Brands with over 300 locations across the Asia-pacific. We also want to
Did you know Richard started out as a personal trainer at the age of 17? At the time being a Personal Trainer was very new, so the goal was to educate people about what a PT was. Now everyone knows what a PT is, so as a PT you just need to understand how you
In today’s Industry Change episode I chat with Richard Beddie CEO of Exercise New Zealand about the journey. Richard has been in the industry for over 20 years, initially, he was a gym owner and eager to learn more he went to a fitness industry conference. He did this because he figured that people who
Helen Uskovic is the owner of Hol Health, which is a fitness center that aims to help clients build confidence by developing a healthy and positive lifestyle. Before joining the COM Ninja Program Helen was at a stage in her career where she was working 60 hours a week and felt exhausted. With no time
Whether you are a gym owner, personal trainer or studio owner, everyone has a story to tell. If you tell this story well you can attract potential clients and make sales! You need to make people go: I know who you are, I know your story and I’m interested in buying off you.  Recently Richard
Meet Boris Stojicic, he is the gym owner of Plus Fitness Liverpool. Before starting the COM Ninja program he felt that his gym was at a plateau in terms of their marketing and growth. Since joining the COM Ninja program he has implemented several strategies to get his dream results!  Through the COM Ninja program,
What is your business’ point of difference? Do you stand out in your customer service, events, community or programs? Is your uniqueness something you are showcasing?  In this episode of QWWC Richard is in Christchurch, he is visiting a lot of different fitness and wellness locations in New Zealand. He noticed a lot of things