Why Community Is So Important | Studio Success Secrets Ep 1 With Damien Kelly

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A few months ago, we had an idea to start a show that took you behind the scenes into some of Australia and New Zealand’s most successful fitness and wellness studios. But of course, something happened between now and then called COVID-19 and gyms had to shut down.


So, we have been holding off releasing this show until now. And we are so excited to launch episode 1 with a legend of the fitness industry – Damien Kelly. Damien has been in the industry for over 20 years, featured in major Australian Publications and is building a fantastic studio in the heart of Sydney’s most competing suburb, Bondi Junction.

When you walk into Active Live you can feel the buzz and energy as you walk up the stairs and you are not disappointed. This is a studio that is not only passionate about small group training, but about community. Damien believes that community is so important, because at the end of the day it’s why people keep coming back.

He likes to keep the sessions always fresh, so that people walk in, look up at the screen and see something new and fresh. And even if it’s a little bit scary, they are up for the challenge.

You think your suburb is competitive, try setting up a studio in a suburb with over 30 other gyms within less than 1 square kilometre radius! So, what’s Damien’s secret sauce for staying ahead of the gaming and attracting people into his studio and not the 30 others? 

Well, we can tell you what it’s not. And that’s cinema advertising. In fact he did try that and I think you can probably guess that didn’t go well. His secrets? Provide a phenomenal service that people look forward to coming to, and look after people, relentlessly. When you do those two things, people can’t help but to tell their friends and family about you.

Big shoutout to Damien and Jasmine from Active Live for having us in the studio and putting Richard through a personalised workout! You guys are amazing and we love hearing about the studio.

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