The Agogian Way | Studio Success Secrets Ep 4 With John & Belinda Field

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Today we’re back in the Eastern Suburbs in the heart of Bondi at Agoga with the owners John & Belinda Field talking about why the Agogian way is so unique.

The word itself is a Spartan word used to describe a training regime for a warrior class. And doesn’t it feel like some days we’re all warriors battling our way through this world? So, what better place for the everyday warrior to train than at Agoga.

You step in from the busy-ness of Bondi Rd, into the cool atmosphere of the studio with it’s black and yellow walls and you immediately want to get your workout on!

But it’s not just a pretty place to train, these guys have some real substance behind their methods with a big focus not only on working out, but education, As Richard experienced. Their motto is Stronger, Leaner, Faster, Signature and everything they do drives towards those outcomes for their members.

Belinda is originally from the corporate sector and John has had a long history in the fitness industry. When the opportunity came to take over the studio last year they knew it was meant for them and they’ve seen growth and strength built into the studio even in one of the toughest years for the industry.

Working together as a married couple isn’t for everyone, but John and Belinda always make it work (and make it look effortless!). This is in large part about trusting each other to play to their strengths and being each other’s soundboards for different decisions that need to be made.

If you ask John what their secret sauce is (and we did) he can sum it up in just one word – Care. There isn’t a day that goes by when he’s not in contact with members, checking in on them, calling them for a catch-up, texting them if they’ve had an injury. At 94 members currently he confidently knows everyone by name.

Agoga definitely has an enviable position being right on Bondi Rd, as you step out from the bus stop – so they do get a lot of foot traffic. But they also have many other forms of marketing that enhance each other including social media, organic methods, and paid strategies. Without all those working together, people might simply just walk by. But what they find is that when people come in off the street they’ve already seen them on social media, or somewhere searching the internet.

They share plenty more of their secrets in the episode, so click above to watch.

If you’re in the Bondi area make sure you check out Agoga and take up their intro offer to get started. If you want more behind the scenes tips on how to build a great studio, join our Studio Success Group on Facebook: The 1/2 A Mill Fitness Studio Club.