Know Your Audience Above Everything Else | SSS Ep 2

Know Your Audience Above Everything Else | SSS Ep 2

On this episode of Studio Success Secrets we visit Kylie Reh, the owner of Rekreate Fitness in Wollongong. Kylie has been in the industry for 30 years and has seen all the fads come and go. But one thing she is absolutely certain of, is her audience.


Kylie has created a place for busy women to be able to come and enjoy working out, feel part of a community and have a safe place to re-discover their self confidence. It’s important for her to create a place were people love working out. If she has to change something to make it even more enjoyable, she will.

Most importantly, she makes it easy for women to come and be apart of Rekreate. The women who are apart of Rekreate are busy – they don’t have time to think, what am I doing today? They come in, give it all they’ve got and are back out the door getting on with their day.

When you speak to Kylie, you can tell straight away, she cares. She cares about the women who come in and she wants the best for them.

Thanks for having us Kylie, it was a delight to see what you’ve built and we can’t wait to see the impact moving forward.

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