Is This The End For Fitness Australia?

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As the fitness sector goes out of COVID lockdowns and moves to a new normality, we’ve heard about the groundbreaking news about Fitness Australia’s rebranding. From Fitness Australia the industry body is now called AUSActive and fitness professionals are keen to hear what the changes are. So Richard has invited Barrie Elvish, former CEO of Fitness Australia, where they will talk all about the new era of AUSActive and what it means for the fitness industry.

Jen Dugard is the CEO of Body Beyond Baby PTY LTD, creator of Fitness Professional certification Safe Return to Exercise and author of the book How to Love your Body as much as your Baby. With 15yrs industry experience, Jen’s ultimate mission is to ensure all mums are looked after safely & effectively within the fitness industry. Having sold her group fitness business in 2018 Jen educates, presents & mentors across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Taiwan. As a fitness-entrepreneur Jen’s most recent creation MumSafe™️ serves both mums and fitness professionals alike; ensuring fitness professionals are properly educated and up-skilled in working with their pre & postnatal clients whilst simultaneously educating mums themselves and connecting them with these trainers via the website

In this episode of the Marketing Muscle Up Podcast Show, Richard talks to Barrie about:

– What happened in the fitness sector in the last 2 years at the height of COVID lockdowns and restrictions

– What the name change and the rebranding from Fitness Australia to AUSActive means

– How can fitness professionals, studio owners and gym owners support and rally behind AUSActive

– What this will mean for fitness professionals, studio owners and gym owners in Australia

Tune in and hear it here first as we welcome AUSActive and the changes it will bring to Australia’s fitness sector!

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