How Two Gym Owners Obtained their Conversion Rate With A New Special Offer| A COM Ninja Case Study

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Mark and Stefanie Dugandzich are the co-founders of Hi Reps Fitness. They have been together for 12 years and operated Hi-Reps Fitness for 10! Before the COM Ninja Program, they didn’t have a clear mission or vision and they were not getting the leads they wanted. They had all great these ideas but no direction nor did they know how to action them. They were always on the go in regards to what they wanted to do but they didn’t know how to put their plans into place. They didn’t have an off button and would take work home with them, they would be talking about work 24/7. They didn’t have a normal life and their relationship was all about work. They lost sight of the business and themselves.

Since joining the Ninja program they have gained all the knowledge and information they need to implement their ideas. They can now balance their work and they can step away from their business when they go home. Essentially the Ninja program transformed the way they look at work and they have achieved amazing things from this! 

Their special offer when they first started Hi Reps Fitness was a free two-week trial. They would get a lot of people coming in but never had a concrete continuation from these people. There was a 40% conversion from these trials. This result was disheartening for Mark and Stefanie as they put in hard work with people for two weeks and more than 60% would not return after the trial.

When they sat down with Richard for their COM strategy meeting they worked on their special offer which is now a $17 trial offer. They were hesitant to offer a paid trial but with the encouragement from the COM team, they worked on what was included so it was more about the value for money. They have now seen organic leads coming through and now they have an 80% conversion rate with a 22% revenue increase!

Some of the other wins for Mark and Stefanie include:

  • Letting go of tasks that they don’t need to worry about anymore, they hired a cleaner and a book-keeper so they now have more time for the business and themselves.
  • Before the program, they had 170 members and now they have 210 members! That is a 24% membership growth and they smashed their goal and hit their target of 30 new members within the first quarter.

Since joining COM Mark and Stefanie no longer take work home with them, they are able to switch off from work when they are home so they can focus on themselves. They are communicating more and are now getting more frequent leads, their income has gone up and are ahead of their bills. They can now relax and have a few days off or go on holiday when they can. They are able to step back from the business and we couldn’t be happier for Mark and Stefanie.  

It is so amazing to see Mark and Stefanie work hard with us to crush their fitness marketing goals! The results they have achieved are great and they can only go up!

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