How To Open A Boutique Fitness Studio In The Middle Of A Pandemic

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Andrea Hutchinson, owner of LiveBreath Health & Fitness opened her boutique studio just before the COVID pandemic and has tripled members and revenue in just 6 months with the help of COM Ninja Program. Before becoming a COM Ninja, she was at 36 members on direct debit every month.

After joining the COM Ninja Program, she now has 95 members each month and aims to hit 100 members in a few months. Andrea realized her lack of systems has been one of the reasons why her business wasn’t scaling up. What immensely helped Andrea market her fitness studio was through:

  • Targeting her database
  • Knowing how to properly boost posts
  • Utilizing social media

For her, the 8-week COM training plan has helped her hit goal after goal. Having a system in place definitely worked wonders.

Revamping the LiveBreath website, as well as shooting for social media videos using COM Creative has been the investment Andrea made to promote her business.

What Andrea likes the most with the COM Ninja Program is the support she gets not just from the coaches but from fellow ninjas as well. She said she is treated like family by the COM team with in-person catch-ups and constant checking in.

So if you’re on the fence about joining the COM Ninja Program, Andrea says to just go for it!