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The corporate way

In this episode of Crush Wednesday Richard is back and he’s giving you a proven formula that will help you generate more corporate leads. Going corporate is a niche opportunity that you will have time for because a lot of this can be done in your downtime as it often works during the middle of the day!

From Richards experience running a successful corporate wellness business with over 90 corporate contracts it is fair to say that this formula is proven to work! The corporate way is a process that works every time when you put in the time to build these corporate relationships. 

Is trying to get corporate leads worth your time?

Remember that 1 client as a personal trainer is worth it, so when you work with corporate businesses when you secure a business you may get 50 new clients in one! The corporate market is key to maximising your client growth! That’s why it is worth your own time visiting these businesses and making it personable with a special offer. Keep in mind companies that are nationwide often want to roll out the plans across the states, so it allows for expansion with your offer!  

1. Make sure your brand is on tact

When you’re dealing with the corporate market you need to brand accordingly. Create a website that looks attractive and credible. You want to make sure you have the credentials to ensure that you actually get the outcome you want. Even if you are a small business with 1-5 people you need to position yourself as an established brand. You must have some information that makes you look reliable in the corporate space. 

2. Make time and create an offer

Once a week block out around 5 hours to dedicate to selling to corporates.  This could be Friday afternoon from 12-4pm for 6 months straight! Make sure you are consistent with this time as you have to offer something to create awareness! Create something of value that will create interest to potential corporate leads.

Make sure the offer is fun and will automatically create interest. Make it easy for them, people don’t want offers that require work or travel!  You need to come to them or meet in the middle! 

3. Create collateral suitable to hand out

You need to make sure you have some collateral and marketing material in place to give to your corporate leads. The collateral can be a 3-4 page document that talks about the benefits of corporate wellness – whether that be your personal training, group training, massage, health checks, body composition or seminars – make your offer specific to corporates.

When you do this it shows that you are unique in the marketplace. If there are 5 gyms in your area but none of them are talking to the corporate market you already have an advantage if you are addressing the corporate market! 

Once you have made this handout add a little gift whether it be a candle, key chain, stress ball or hand cream – include something unique so people will remember you! 

4. Door to Door sales – Visit corporate buildings 

Take note of what businesses you will drop your collateral information off at. This takes time but going door to door is a good way to get your information out, you just need to be clear which corporate area you want to go to. Take your collateral and your small gift and remember that you are giving them a fun and exciting offer that will benefit them! Speak to the receptionist and if it is a small business ask for the owner, if it is a large business ask for the HR manager.

Make sure you get a business card back from the companies you visit, preferably from the HR manager so you can call them and follow up. Creating awareness through the collateral and engagement through the conversation with and acquisition will come from this. 

5. Follow up – Call corporate leads the next day 

This is why it is so important to get a business card from the corporate office. So you can follow them up. Make sure you call the owner or HR manager and mention your name, profession and the gift you dropped off with your collateral, from this they will remember you! 

To generate corporate leads the formula does require your time. As a fitness or wellness professional you might have the time in the middle of the day. All you need to do is allocate 5 hours of the week to visit the businesses and get your offer out.

You need to make sure you can take the formula and remember it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you are proactive in following these steps and remember that the outcome will be rewarding because companies bring in client growth and revenue!  

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