How One Personal Trainer Tripled Her Business in 8 Months | A COM Ninja Case Study

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Meet Tracy Pendergast, a personal trainer with over 10 years experience in the industry. Before joining the Ninja Program, Tracy was struggling to get leads and did not have a special offer for clients. She expected clients to join without knowing how to attract them properly. Tracy found herself struggling financially and felt disheartened when clients left. 

When Tracy heard of COM and the fitness marketing programs we offer she was hesitant at first and couldn’t afford to sign up. She attended COM’s free new age online marketing workshop and left there inspired but concerned about the costs. After a phone call with one of our marketing professionals and implementing the strategies they discussed she was able to gain 4 new clients. This is just what she needed to afford the payment plan for the Ninja Program!  

Since joining the program Tracy has almost doubled her member base and tripled her business by using the strategies and tactics we teach! She found that by implementing new strategies she developed in the program she was able to rebrand herself and create a sense of community for her members through active use of social media. The program gave her the tools she needed to have more confidence in her brand and spoke relevantly to her ideal clients.

Tracy found it really beneficial to be surrounded by like-minded people at the COM workshops. She found the sense of community and support was really helpful and meeting people in the same industry motivated her to reach her goals. She was hesitant at the start but after seeing the results from the program she trusts the Ninja Program entirely and can’t wait for more big results in the future.

We are so proud of Tracy and are so happy to see her hard work paid off!

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