Our 2019 Marketing Predictions | Marketing Muscle Up Podcast Ep 2


Tune in to Episode 2 as we talk about our top marketing predictions for the rest of 2019 – they are probably not what you would expect!

Tune into today’s podcast with Richard Toutounji, Evielyn Chapman & Nolan Fischer as they talk about what their 2019 marketing predictions are. The fact is that marketing has changed dramatically in 2019 and if you are planning on using the same strategies that you did in 2018 – you are in for a rude shock.

One of the main things we talk about in this episode is leading with brand, BEFORE you go for a sale. Making sure that you are building a know, like & trust relationship with your audience before you ask them for a date (or marry them).

Key Points From This Episode

1:55 – Quick Wins Hack – Magisto

4:44 – Playing The Long Game in Marketing

6:10 – Brand, Marketing & Sales

8:13 – How Brand Makes Facebook Ads Cheaper

9:17 – The Know, Like & Trust Brand Strategy

10:53 – Relocating.com.au story