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As the fitness sector goes out of COVID lockdowns and moves to a new normality, we’ve heard about the groundbreaking news about Fitness Australia’s rebranding. From Fitness Australia the industry […]

Have you heard of the quote, “Pick a tribe and serve them well”? Because that is exactly what Jen Dugard did. Jen started as a PT in the fitness industry, […]

Fitness business owners have all been through the toughest times at the height of COVID lockdown. So as we say goodbye to this old season, let’s take a look back […]

Our latest episode of Studio Success Secrets Virtual Edition takes us to Northcote (virtually that is!). We speak with Ida Bakos, owner of HIIT Factory Northcote.  Ida has been […]

As a PT, owning a fitness studio is the end goal. The latest episode of The Marketing Muscle Up Show, Richard talks with Adriano Rizzo, PT and owner of Rizz […]

Chris Thomas, PT and owner of Apex Health & Performance, previously worked as a one-on-one trainer at Fitness First and had to travel back and forth to the city and […]


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