Industry Change

The Evolution of Sales – Industry Change Episode 10

This week on Industry Change Richard met with Steve Jensen, who has worked in the lifestyle industry for 30 years, to talk about the evolution of sales. Steve employs a sales strategy he calls inspirational sales. The aim of which is to engage with the ‘Green Brain’ and not the ‘Red Brain’. Put simply inspirational…

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Business or Pleasure – Industry Change Episode 8

This episode of Industry Change, Richard is in the amazing Maldives, speaking with James Schramko owner of Super Fast Business. James has worked hard to establish a business that he doesn’t need to constantly micro manage. This means that he can structure his time to best suit the lifestyle he wants to have. Most people…

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Sales is not a Dirty Word – Industry Change Episode 7

On this episode of Industry Change Richard is in Malaysia speaking with Jason Campbell at Mindvalley about the positive side of sales. Mindvalley is an education company focused on filling the gaps left by conventional schooling. They specialise in teaching in four primary areas; Mind Body Spirituality Impact The company’s founder Vishen Lakhiani, hopes to…

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