How To Future-Proof Your Personal Training Business

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Chris Thomas, PT and owner of Apex Health & Performance, previously worked as a one-on-one trainer at Fitness First and had to travel back and forth to the city and spent 2 hours for the commute alone. He had 50 one-on-one sessions and so he had no energy left by the time he’s home to spend quality time with his family. Back then, he was struggling to juggle lockdown, work and having a newborn baby.

After going through the PT Growth Accelerator Course, he felt his passion was rejuvenated after being in the fitness industry for 15 years. His major wins were:

  • From 50 sessions down to 20 sessions
  • Charge more per session from $80-90 to $250
  • Cut down 30 hours of work, more time for the family
  • Gained confidence to show up online
  • Trains at his own home

Chris trusted in the process and now he’s reaping what he sows and has established a future-proof fitness business.


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