Zero to 200 Direct Debits in 6 Months | A COM Ninja Case Study

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Sophie is the owner and founder of 3T Fitness in Bendigo VIC. 3T has been around for 8 years in Bendigo and before that in other locations around Australia. We met Sophie and her husband just under a year ago through Fitness Australia.

At the time Sophie was running her outdoor bootcamp as well as two gyms in the area but really struggled to get positive cash flow (despite having over 60 people at bootcamp each week). They struggled to get people sticking around in their program consistently because they didn’t have a clear offer or process of bringing people into their training.

Sophie & Tim joined the Ninja Program and immediately began to go to work on their brand. Building a brand new website, working on the front end using social media to make sure that what people were seeing was true to their brand. Now when Sophie asks how people found out about 3T Fitness they say – I’ve seen you everywhere and knew I wanted to come and workout with you.

Before working with COM, Sophie didn’t have a clear offer or process to get people started at 3T. She would just tell people to come along to a class, or do a trial session. By working with us, she has been able to develop a clear process to get people into her membership and this has meant that people are more confident coming into the gym or bootcamp and stay around longer.

When Sophie and Tim started working with us they didn’t have any direct debits or recurring revenue setup for the business. In fact Sophie would turn up to bootcamp on a Saturday and have 60 people snaked around in a line waiting to pay with cash. 6 months later and they have completely turned that around to having over 200 direct debits recurring each week. This has meant an increase of over 25% in their cash flow!

We’re so proud of the work that Sophie and Tim have done during the Ninja Program and are excited to see what great things they get up to in the future!

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