Why You Should Focus on Quality Over Quantity Leads

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Sigrid Chambers is the co-founder of a progressive studio called Exolt EMS located in Drummoyne which offers EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation. Before hopping on the COM Ninja Program, Sigrid worked with a digital marketing agency for 8 months but was not getting the results she wanted.

She was getting tons of leads but were all low-quality, therefore, having a low conversion rate. Plus, they weren’t Exolt’s target market.

She decided to take matters into her own hands and signed up for the COM Ninja Program. After months of hard work and with the help of the COM coaches, her revenue tripled.

Within the COM Ninja Program, Sigrid started getting high-quality leads and was even able to revive dead leads with the use of the “Fast Lead Formula”.

One of the many things Sigrid likes about the program is being kept accountable by the COM coaches. With monthly coaching calls and weekly Q&As, regular webinars and check-in she is able to keep track of her progress!

Being part of the COM Ninja Program has been life-changing for Sigrid, so if are looking to grow your business, we invite you to join us!