The Power of Coaches & Mentors To Scale Your Fitness Business | Marketing Muscle Up Podcast Ep 5


This week on the podcast we talk about what it takes to scale your fitness business, which comes out of an interview that Richard did a couple of months ago with Tobi Pierce talking about how he grew the Sweat brand to what it is today.

We cover a whole host of topics from scaling, to coaches to how you learn and also social media.

Bottom Line: Scaling is not easy. You need all the help you can get – sometimes that includes coaches, other times it just includes getting off Netflix every night and putting in the work!

Show Notes

2:03 – Wordswag to up your Social Media game

5:33 How Tobi Pierce grew Sweat to a million users in a few years

7:27 – Listen Richard’s interview with Tobi Pierce

8:30 – How Nolan scaled from a small business to franchising

9:30 – Coaches reduce the time and mistakes to get to where you want to go

11:47 – Who Richard has learnt from to grow his businesses

16:46 – How do you learn?

17:32 – Are you clear on where you want to go

18:22 – Stop the comparison game

21:16 – The 10x game

21:53 – Stay in your lane

23:19 – Self learning

27:31 – Grant Cardone’s 10x book – The 10x Rule

28:37 – Do you need to do a Digital Detox


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