The alarming mistake you’re probably making right now if you’re thinking of scaling your fitness business anytime in the future

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So you’ve built a sweet little fitness studio or gym but you’ve reached a ceiling. You just can’t fit anymore people into your sessions or your space and now you know you have to scale somehow.

There’s so many different ways you can scale your business. Either buying a larger property, opening multiple locations, hiring new trainers to open up new session times. Whatever type of scaling you’re thinking about – let’s talk about how you can get through this tricky business successfully – cause let’s face it – so many things can go wrong.

The biggest roadblock that you’ll find trips up most people who try to scale their businesses is missing asking themselves this one fundamental question – Can I duplicate my DNA? You’re secret sauce recipe.

How to Duplicate your DNA

You can have every operational situation under control, but if you can’t answer this fundamental question you will ultimately fail. It comes down to – do you know you’re USP and can you multiply that across new locations, new trainers, etc.

So then how do you identify what your USP is, so that you can make sure that you can duplicate it across locations? Here’s a couple of tips that can come in handy when thinking about your Unique Selling Position.

Think about your Personality

As a small business, sometimes you are the USP. You’re personality, how you speak to people, how you walk the gym floor. Your personal way of approaching the business could be exactly why people show up.

What are you passionate about?

Is there a cause that you are particularly passionate about. Something that makes you super excited? Maybe it’s a particular type of training, or getting movements right. Whatever it is, it could be your new USP.

What makes you rant?

We all have that thing that makes us rant right. Maybe it’s people not putting their weights away, or people doing movements wrong. Whatever that is for you could be your USP.

What can no one else compete with you on?

The best USP’s are the ones that no one can trump you on. For instance are you the first in your area, the largest, the smallest (boutique), etc. Find something that no one can compete on and you’re winning.

Ninja Move

If you really want to hone in on what your USP is you can’t go wrong with actually talking to some of your current clients to find out exactly why they chose you above their competitors.

Once you’ve clearly identified you’re secret sauce then you can move onto developing the strategies around scaling. Creating a foundation membership special and establishing a waitlist can help to get early registrations and buy ins from people in the new location.

Whatever the strategy you use, be sure to make sure that your USP is established and you’re able to replicate it into your different locations – that will ultimately bring you success when it comes to scaling.