Why should you really care for your Clients to improve your business –#08

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Building Client Relationships – Quick Wins with COM Episode 08

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about building successful client relationships.
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Video Transcription

Richard : Hey, welcome back to COM Quick Wins. It’s Richard Toutounji here and today we are talking about a system, how last week we had solution based. Now we are going to see how we can take that solution, really execute it and get it out to your market place to make sure that you have more sales, more clients, more leads in your business.

This is it. This is the four step approach I usually take. Step one is listen. You need to listen to your client. You need to really listen. There’s too much phones going on at the moment, there’s too much instant messages, there’s too much stuff always going on. Most of the time we actually hear but not really listen with our two ears.

Step two is ask the question. When they’ve executed, they’ve told you what they’re looking for, you need to ask better questions. Don’t just ask questions, ask amazing questions and you generally get amazing answers. Be sure to ask the appropriate questions from what they’ve told you, from what you’ve just listened to. Ask the right questions and you’ll get the right answer every single time. Most of the time we’re just not asking the right question so we’re never getting right answers.

Step number three is the solution. See, we have our solution. We know our service, we know our product back to front, we’re really good at it, we’ve done it for years. We have the solution there but the solution is great if you can get it off the shelf. If you can effectively communicate with your customer.

See, step number four is communication. You have to communicate effectively to your customer every time. Once you’ve listened, once you’ve asked, you know the solution, you know they need that solution but you’re not maybe effectively communicating. If you effectively communicate with your client and you communicate through what’s on the website, how you’re writing your text and content on your website, how you write the About Us page, how you’re picking up the phone, how you’re putting images on the website. We’re talking all about marketing here but this can be done in any situation, offline, online.

If you effectively do that, you can effectively say that, I have now answered all the problems, all the questions, all your pain points. I have a solution here for you. It’s at an appropriate price, we already have a relationship in place. You know I’m hearing and listening to you. There’s a no brainer, there’s a deal done, there’s a lead, there’s a quote. It’s going to be great relationship going forward that way. You see, it’s a process that’s quite simple.

You might say, “Hey, Richard, I’ve been doing that.” But are you really doing it? Are you really listening to your customer? Are you really hearing, are you really asking the right questions? Not just the questions you’ve always been asking, the questions that what that client has said, you need to respond back with the appropriate question. Not just reading off a script here. If you can do that, you do very well. If you can do that, you’re going to get the solution and you’re going to have it sold every time. You’re going to have more leads and more clients going through.

That’s this week’s episode. Nice and quick, nice and fast. You could implement these really fast and effectively in your business. I would really like to know what you thought about this episode. If you agree or disagree. Comment, share and like below and I look forward to catching up with you next time.

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