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So, you own a yoga, pilates or fitness studio? It always seems a struggle to fill your classes, other studio’s are popping up all over the place and you just can’t seem to grow past a certain number and yet you’re working more hours than you care to admit to make it all happen.

We’ve seen it many times over. Studio owners who have a desire and work hard to make it happen, and yet just don’t know the next step to take. What should they focus on? Should they just hire an agency to do their marketing – will that be the magic to growth?

That’s why we’ve created our signature program – The COM Ninja Program – to help fitness and wellness studio owners understand WHAT they need to do to grow and give them the strategies and tactics to be able to actually do it (or hire the right people to do it)

And it works! It’s not unusual for a studio owner to enter the ninja studio and double (and sometimes triple) their studio in 8 months.

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Imagine if in 8 months…

  • Your Facebook Ad campaigns were working so well that you could predict the amount of leads coming in and turn them up or down as needed.
  • Your studio had doubled or tripled it’s current revenue
  • You had time off to spend with family or do the things you love because your business is working for you, rather than you working for it.
  • Your classes were consistently full and you had a thriving community of members.
  • You reduced the churn in your studio, so that when you add new members, you were actually getting a net gain, rather than just spinning your wheels.

Not only is this possible, but most ninjas achieve this and more in LESS than 8 months.

Fast-track your success with the COM Marketing process

Over years of working with fitness & wellness studios we’ve developed a clear step by step process of marketing that incorporates strategies, tactics and formulas to help you grow your studio. You’ll learn the essentials of marketing and execute on specific strategies to get you the results you need.









How it works

The COM Ninja Program is designed to get you up to speed on marketing your fitness or wellness studio in just 8 months. You’ll go from being invisible online, to attracting the right clients and plenty of them.

Throughout each month you’ll be supported by our COM Coaches as well as your fellow ninjas, with plenty of action each month to get involved in.

Fast Start Strategy Session

Kick start your Ninja journey with an individual 2 hour high level strategy for every business entering the program.

Scale Up Sessions

Learn from a COM Scaler who has graduated from the Ninja Program about how they have grown their fitness business.

Coaching Calls

Throughout the month you can book a one-on-one coaching call with a COM Coach where you can get feedback, accountability and support privately for what you’re working on.

Monthly Virtual Workshops

Each month you’ll jump on a virtual zoom workshop with your fellow ninjas and coaches to learn the foundations of marketing and then execute and implement specific strategies for that month. Each month builds on the next so you have an arsenal of tools for marketing.

Weekly Q&A’s

Along with virtual workshops you’ll have access to weekly Q&A sessions held via zoom with our COM Coaches and experts. This is your chance to ask specific questions related to your marketing or get feedback on what you’re working on.

In Person Workshops

Because we still love to meet everyone in person, throughout the year you’ll be invited to meetups and workshops around Australia and New Zealand. This is a great way to connect and network with other ninjas face to face!

Facebook Group

Anytime throughout the program, you can participate in the private Facebook group where you can meet other ninjas, get feedback from the group or just participate in the fun community.

Locker Room Tactical Videos

To support you as you go through the program, you will have access to 100+ step by step tactical marketing videos to help you execute on the strategies that you are learning.

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Everything that’s included:

  • Induction Session into the program
  • One off Business Maximiser Session (90 mins) with a COM Strategist
  • Monthly VIRTUAL Workshop including education sessions and breakouts with the COM Team (1 FULL Day Per Month)
  • Monthly VIRTUAL Group Training (90 minutes)
  • Weekly VIRTUAL Q&A Breakout zones to ask questions and remove roadblocks with our marketing experts.
  • Access to the locker room vault - tactical step by step videos to get your marketing done.
  • One on One monthly 30 minute coaching calls with a COM Coach
  • In Person Meetups in your state & around Australia to meet, network and learn.
  • Access to the online ninja learning portal
  • Access to the private Facebook COM Ninjas Group, to ask and share any questions, share wins or roadblocks.
  • End of Year COM Awards Night
  • 10% Discount on all COM Services
  • PLUS… Bonus Marketing Essentials Course (usually $97)
  • 15 CEC Points or 20 CPD Points

100’s of Tactical Step by Step Videos

Never be left scouring Youtube at 2:30am in the morning trying to figure out how to go live with your Facebook Ads.
We have hundreds of step by step tactical marketing videos in our ninja backend that focus on:

  • Facebook Ads Copy & Paste frameworks for generation leads
  • The quickest way to generate content for ALL the platforms that gets attention
  • Sales Training from the godfather of sales - Steve Jensen
  • Leadership Frameworks from Top Fitness CEO’s with proven track record
  • PR strategy from Australia’s best PR Agent
  • YouTube strategies to grow and attract an audience
  • Facebook Live strategies to get people coming back every week to watch your videos
  • The one strategy on Google My Business that gets people picking up the phone and inquiring.
  • Instagram secrets from our Instagram coach who has built over 15k followers
  • Get more people opening, reading and taking action on your emails

My Method

Become the go-to fitness authority in a crowded marketplace using the MY METHOD to elevate you above the rest

Sticky Content Formula

Use our super-simple STICKY CONTENT FORMULA to generate quality leads, consistently.

Fast Lead Formula

The FAST LEAD FORMULA that will get you, your first 5 leads and turn them into loyal paying members

Fast Start Strategy Session

Individual 2 hour high level strategy for every business entering the program with Richard Toutounji. The outcome will be to look at ways we can increase your cashflow and profit, decrease the time spent in the business and outline your personalised growth plan to scale in 8 months.

The COM Coaches

A team of Coaches that focus on results, and can walk with you each step of the way to gain your results. Whatever area of marketing you need we have a coach to suit from Facebook Ads to organic content, Facebook Live, Marketing Automation, Adwords and more. 

Richard Toutounji

Business Strategy Coach

Joey Toutounji

Brand & Content Coach

Ev Chapman

Facebook Ads & Automation Coach

Nolan Fisher

Facebook Ads & Attention Coach

Helen Uskovic

Organic Social Media Coach

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