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Tune into this week’s episode where Richard talks about change and how you need to be present in order to create change in your business.

Why do so many of us, as business owners, do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Often we experience success by doing things a certain way, and we expect that by applying the same strategy every other time, we will experience this same success. It can work, but to really move your business forward and achieve your goals you have to embrace change.

Change is in the present”

Take a moment and look around yourself, really become present in the moment and in your business. Business owners have experienced so much change, from technology and information through to the internet. So are you falling behind or are you thriving? You need to be learning from all these challenges and changes that are being put in front of you. Start by listening to what your clients are saying and what their needs are so that you can really begin to understand your marketplace.

So how are you going to implement change in your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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Video Transcription

Welcome back to Quick Wins with com, I’m Richard Toutounji. Today I want to talk about a subject called change. I’m actually writing a book on this topic. I thought it was really great point to share around some thoughts around what changes. I actually believe that change is the present, I’ll say it again change is the present. I’ll tell you why. We talk a lot about business here, but in the day that businesses has experience changes through technology, through information, through the Internet and businesses some are struggling to keep up and some are embracing it. And what’s the difference in both? Well the difference remains, are you actually staying in the present? Are you being in the present?

You see some business owners there in the past. They’re thinking and talking around the topics of what worked in the past and how that has worked. Then you’ve got the people that are coming into business and they’re thinking for the future. You say it’s a combination of taking your past successes and then going into the future with those, making sure that you’re actually learning from the present. Making sure you are learning from the changes that are put out in front of you right now. At the moment, we have a great opportunity to focus on the present. We focus more on the present, really be in the present. Like right here, this is the present, I’m actually in the present right now and I’m doing this video right now. That’s change.

Every motion is about changing, and every conversation that we use is around change. How do you change any business? Well, you change the words, you change your thoughts, you change your actions. To do that, you actually to the smell the air and figure out what’s around you today, not like in the past, not like in the future. Like what’s happening today right now in the present. When you understand that, you’ve got to understand what you need to adjust, what you need to adapt for these change take place. If you’re not in the present and your mind is in the past, or it’s to focused on the future and we can’t even predict the future at this stage.

If we can get back to the present talk to people, understand the changes. We use our gut instinct as business owners, we use our emotional intelligence, we use our education, we use the conversation to figure out the next step, the next step to take for the future. You’ve really got to understand and really get grounded at the present point. That gives you all the answers for the future. Everything that you need is in the present. Everything is changing every single second. The opportunity that change gives us, tells us that change is gonna be the next thing that can continually grow our business year in year out.

People are looking for the next thing, people are looking for next action. Our minds are very different than they are in the past. It’s really important to understand your market place, understand your clients, listen to their needs and then adjust for the future. The future is changing every single day and the future will continue to change. Actually, just last week I was in Palm Cove in Cairns and I was taking a break up there. I got out my phone and ordered an Uber. It took about 15 minutes to get This Uber. When I got in the uber I said to the driver hey, what’s the deal, [inaudible 00:03:16], Uber isn’t in town? Obviously I knew that it took some time. He said, “Listen you’re the number one passenger that we have today, the first passenger.”

I said how is that? Uber just launched in Palm Cove. I said this is not amazing how did you hear about Uber? He goes Well, I heard about it from the radio. My wife was listening to the radio and now looking for drivers for Uber, I know you had it for ever. It was really cool because he was a gentleman, 70 with part-time job for him and he embraced changed. He never grew up with process of driving Uber, he never grew up with a smartphone. He decided to embrace a change and he found that change equaled the future. Even though Uber had been around for a couple of years across the world, he never heard about it in Palm Cove.

It was really great to understand that change equaled the future for him, change equaled growth and change equaled opportunity for him to make an impact and for him to grow professionally and personally in what he wanted to do. The next time that you come up with a challenge in your business, the next time that something has changed, and the game has changed, embrace it. Reflect on the future and understand that right now you have an amazing opportunity to see if that’s where your future wants to go, with the present with change. Thanks so much I’m Richard Toutounji, I’ll see you next time on Quick Wins with com

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