How to Make Your Business Stand Out?| Quick Wins With COM Episode 74

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What is your business’ point of difference? Do you stand out in your customer service, events, community or programs? Is your uniqueness something you are showcasing? 

In this episode of QWWC Richard is in Christchurch, he is visiting a lot of different fitness and wellness locations in New Zealand. He noticed a lot of things about these businesses that made them stand out independently. What is it that you provide to the marketplace that no one else does?

The fitness industry today is competitive, it is saturated and often hard to stand out. Which is why it’s so important for you to find your purple cow! A purple cow is something worth noticing in your product or service. Once you have found your purple cow, you can use this unique selling point to market your business effectively and draw in new leads. Marketing is not necessarily about the actual event, but it is about the lead up to the event, it is the little things that make an impact on potential clients. Being different and unique in the marketplace and marketing what no one else has is something that people are attracted to. Stop trying to be the same, stop trying to be like everyone else, people want uniqueness!