How To Increase Studio Revenue By 20%

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Iain and Sharon, owners of Pilates360, initially struggled with who to market to. They also didn’t know how to showcase who they are and what they offer through their branding. After joining the COM Ninja Program, they now have a customer avatar and they know who their ideal client is.

They have been ninjas for years and they have already upgraded to the Scale Program. The biggest takeaway for them is Pilates360’s revenue which has grown by 20% in the last 2-3 years. They were also able to outsource especially admin tasks that used to take up a lot of their time.

Iain said that without COM, they probably wouldn’t survive running a fitness business during COVID. The support system was phenomenal for them and they appreciate how approachable and knowledgeable the COM coaches are.

Aside from that, they also learned a lot of things from fellow business owners who are in the program.

If you ever need help with getting clients and with marketing your fitness business, the COM Ninja Program is perfect for you.