How to Get the Most Out of Social Media | Quick Wins With COM Episode 75

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Whether you are a gym owner, personal trainer or studio owner, everyone has a story to tell. If you tell this story well you can attract potential clients and make sales! You need to make people go: I know who you are, I know your story and I’m interested in buying off you. 

Recently Richard did a New age of online marketing event in NZ, that Richard Beddie, CEO of Exercise NZ attended, and told fitness professionals about the cash injection strategy which is all about using Facebook to generate 7 new clients for free! 

One of our very own COM Ninjas followed this strategy and generated $30 000 in revenue! 

So now you’re asking how do you do the ads right? 

  • Content – If you produce the right content well and you tell your story with confidence you will entice the right people to explore your business.
  • Time – You need time to execute ads right because you won’t see the results overnight.

How can people use Instagram effectively? 

Many people are guilty of inconsistency with their messaging! You need to figure out what message you are trying to portray and what you want to showcase your business as! How are you showcasing your business on Instagram? The images you use can tell a powerful story so you need to make sure they all have a distinct purpose. To make an impact it is important to think about the overall objective first, because once you have that it is a lot easier to get what you want out of Instagram

New partnership with exercise NZ! 

  • Together with Exercise NZ, our mission is to get people healthier and that all starts with fitness professionals and their marketing. If we can get fitness professionals engaging with potential clients this is where the impact starts.  It is important to make sure the messages are accurate, so we can help people tell their story really well.

Want your fitness business to make an impact? Check out our New Age of Online marketing event – It’s FREE and events are now run all across Australia and NZ!