How To Find Your Market Fit | Crush Wednesday Ep 59

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Have you ever had an idea for a new service, a class, a membership platform but when you took it to market or told some people about the idea – they just don’t see it the way you do?

How do you really know if your services is a right fit for your audience?


The first question to ask yourself is ‘Who is your avatar?’ Most people create their new class or service based on what they THINK their client wants or what THEY want to offer. But you really need to focus on your avatar to find the perfect solution to their actual problem.

Start by thinking about what their problem is and is it a meaningful problem they are looking to solve. Identify what their pain is and ask yourself – can I solve this problem?


The best way to find out what your avatar wants is to actually ask them the question. Once you have a new idea for a new service or a class you want to offer, ask them what they think. You’ll quickly get a good gauge if it’s an actual solution to the problem.


Sometimes we can actually be a little too early to the party. If you have to keep explaining about your new product or service to people you might have the right fit but the wrong timing. This isn’t bad – but will take a little longer to get it to mainstream.

Once you’ve determined you’ve got a good market fit – you need to make sure that it fits your business. Ask yourself does it fit in your business model? How will you keep up with demand? And where will you source new leads from.