How One Fitness Coach Tripled His Revenue in 4 Months | A COM Ninja Case Study

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“You have to spend money to make money, so bite the bullet and back yourself”

Phil Atkinson is the Founder and Head coach at Brand New Me in Coffs Harbour and Nambucca Heads. Phil found that trying to manage 2 fitness centers difficult and at the time he struggled with: 

  • Getting clientele in the door
  • How to market the fitness centers
  • Getting quality leads that would last the distance
  • Being in a regional area, he struggled to get the knowledge and skills needed to run the gyms effectively

Phil found that the fitness industry was very cut-throat. He wanted someone to sit down and bounce his ideas off to make sure his business was on the right track. When Phil joined the COM Ninja Program he learned to weed out the people who weren’t suited to the business. With the marketing focus COM created for him, he attracted the clientele that wanted to work out and that Brand New Me wanted to work with as well.

 Since becoming a COM Ninja some of his biggest wins include:

  • Improving the conversion rate from 60% to 95% conversion rate! The clientele that he now markets to are attracted straight away and want to join instantly.
  • Coffs harbor had about 6-9 group fitness clients and 12-18 in their fire program and now they have over 60 clients!
  • Coffs Harbour revenue was $80 000 and the income is now $250 000 – this is more than 3x revenue growth
  • Recruiting 2 new members a week!

Aside from business and revenue growth Phil also changed his mindset, he learned to:

  • Work out what the brand new me method is. He now promotes the strength, training, nutrition and mindset as a more holistic package offering
  • Know exactly where he is going and what he wants for the business
  • Have clarity about their mission and values so they know who they want to work with and how to best serve them

Phil has been in business for over 20 years but his marketing and branding were never exactly on point. The website wasn’t saying the right things but our COM team helped them with a new website. The website now reflects what their business is and helps attract the right clients.

Another bonus Phil found was the accountability and mentoring in the program. Phil sacrificed a lot to go to Sydney once a month and knew it was a big cost however he said it was worth it because the results he has seen are beyond what he could imagine! 

Being surrounded by like-minded people meant there were a lot of different perspectives and ideas that he could work with and refine what he needed to make the most out of his business.

Phil has more than doubled his income since joining the Ninja Program. He credits the COM team to be focused on helping to grow his business and provide the key strategies that have now got him ahead in the industry.

We are so proud of Phil’s achievements and can’t wait to see what is in store for Phil and the Brand New Me team! 

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