How One Beauty School Doubled Their Leads in 8 Months | A COM Ninja Case Study

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Leanne is the founder and operator of Artistry of Makeup Academy here in Sydney. She has been in business for over 20 years. Starting out as a mum who wanted to fit a makeup business around her lifestyle as a stay at home mum. 20 years later she has one of the largest makeup schools in Sydney. For the last 20 years she has been able to rely on traditional marketing methods such as magazine ads, SEO and flyers.

While she was focusing on traditional marketing methods – social media, the internet and influencer marketing were rising stars. Almost overnight her traditional marketing didn’t work anymore and her leads were dropping drastically. It’s safe to say there were a lot of sleepless nights filled with stress and worry wondering how she was going to fill classes.

Not only that – she had no idea how to open up new lead streams. She had dabbled in Facebook Ads – but failed miserably and just didn’t have the skill set to replace her dwindling lead flow. Basically she was stressed out, worrying all the time and constantly felt like she was on the hamster wheel of business constantly looking for more leads.

Leanne found COM through a Facebook ad and attended The New Age of Online Marketing Workshop and signed up for our Ninja Program on the same day. Since then she has been able to completely turn her business and her brand around. No longer relying on traditional marketing tactics – she has built a massive following on social media who are engaged and love the brand. This means that even before people enquire about classes, they already have built a relationship of know, like and trust.

She’s seen some phenomenal results as part of the program:

  • Increasing her click through rates from 0.42% to over 4%
  • Decreasing her cost per click from $1.55 to .31 cents.
  • Doubling her leads per month from 70 to over 140 each month.

By spending one day per month in the face to face ninja workshops, it has allowed her the time out of her business so she can intentionally spend time working ON her business (rather than in it). She always has access to the most up to date marketing strategies and tactics – and can implement them straight away – this means she’s always way ahead of her competitors.

The monthly coaching and accountability has been exactly what she’s needed. Just having someone who knows your business intimately and can pinpoint exactly what you need is invaluable. And in the process she’s been able to upgrade her mindset, which she didn’t realise, but was a big factor holding her and the business back.

In her own words – the Ninja Program quite literally saved her business. We’re so proud of you Leanne and can’t wait to see where you take your journey next!

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