How A Personal Trainer Found His Unique Selling Point & Grew His Business | A COM Ninja Case Study

This is Lachlan he has been a personal trainer for 4 years. He is the founder of Full of Fit which aims to help busy executives and small business owners reduce stress and boost their energy! Prior to joining the COM Ninja Program he had a few pain points: 

Based in Adelaide, Lachlan knew he had to be committed to going to the workshops in Sydney, but he found it to be worth it because: 

Before joining the Ninja Program he was getting 1-2 leads per month but now he is getting 9 leads per month. Lachlan has also seen a 35% increase in revenue in 6 months!

He has also Increased the small group and semi-private training sessions so he can train more people and offer more sessions each week. 

Through the COM marketing program, he has used learnt to use targeted advertising campaigns that have brought more leads in the door. The 1 on 1 support and follow up calls with our COM coaches meant he was able to be accountable for his actions. He set out a series of goals and was able to follow through with achieving them and getting results because of these coaching sessions.

Lachlan says that if someone is on the fence about joining the COM Ninja Program Lachlan says “Do it, it’s a structured program, provides accountability, you are in a room with inspired business owners and you will make significant progress with your own business towards where you want to go.” 

It’s so amazing to see Lachlan work hard and crush his fitness marketing goals! He is committed and determined to see Full Of Fit grow and with his motivation, he has made his business shine! 

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